How does VR diversify eSports?

There’s no denying that eSports are a huge thing in today’s day and age. After all, there are several worldwide events organized each year, where professional gamers (yes, it’s a real career path) meet and participate in some of the most gut-wrenching competitions ever! To some aspect, you may even consider eSports even more entertaining than real-life competitions as players have unlimited powers in the game world and can offer an impressing show.  

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However, even if these competitions are intense, players still use keyboards and controllers while sitting in a comfy chair, in front of a screen. Don’t you think the action would be more fun if they would actually have to be the character in the game?

Intel certainly thinks so, and they are not the only company pushing for VR technology into the world of eSports. While things are just starting, we support this idea as it could turn the heat up a notch and make eSports a lot more interesting. If you’re not an advocate or you don’t really see the improvement, below we listed how we think VR may diversify on eSports competitions.  7 VR Creation Tools for Creatives.

More Games that Require Movement

Games like Echo Arena (which is completely free on Oculus Rift) allow users to connect online and play in teams using their VR gear. Players are introduced to a zero-gravity world where they have to play against each other in order to get a virtual disc. The cool thing is that players also have the possibility to invite people to watch the game. So, the experience is closer to real-life games like soccer or tennis.

For now, the game supports parties of 15 players, 5v5 private matches, and has more slots available for spectators. Each player has to use body movements that are emulated into the game, so you’re not just competing with your mind and hands movement.

Of course, this is not the only game to support these features, but it is one that could have a real chance to change the face of eSports as we know it.

Involving Real-life Athletes in eSports Competitions

Speaking of sports in the virtual reality dimension, let’s have a look at Sparc – the only vSport available right now. This is more than a game; it’s an athletic experience that can only be enjoyed using a VR headgear and the developers are hoping to attract real-life athletes into the game.

Given that movements are so very life-like to games like tennis, fencing, and even boxing, and there can be a real audience, Sparc may be the connection between online games and the athletic world. Soon, we could be acclaiming actual athletes in the arena of eSports, not just professional gamers!

The VR Challenger League

As we already mentioned, Intel is very interested in connecting VR with eSports, so they used the E3 event of 2017 to announce they are looking to start a global event called the VR Challenger League. This will be organized in collaboration with ESL Gaming Network and it’s desired to be an entertaining event that paves the path for a new type of cyber-athlete – one that’s agile both mentally and physically.

The cyber-athlete will play games that require throwing and catching, exploration of curious new worlds, and there may even be running competitions (something similar to zombs royale, but where you actually have to do the running and jumping over obstacles).

We’re expecting an incendiary show and we rejoice at the idea that spectators will have amazing seats as they can watch the game in Virtual Reality, from the comfort of their own home.

In Conclusion

As you can see, the world of eSports has a lot to gain from the inclusion of VR! However, the technology is still in its early development stages and you still have to deal with annoying cables and slightly uncomfortable headgear. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for adrenaline and games that require athletic skills, you can play Stickman. It may not be VR, but it will keep your hurt pounding!

While it may not happen this year, it’s important to understand that VR is evolving and is slowly moving away from being just a niche technology that’s only tried on by the curious and adventurous of the gaming world. Overall, we’re looking forward to the future!

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