How Do Loyalty Schemes Work at Online Casinos??

Many of the best internet-based casinos offer loyalty clubs and VIP programs. What is the point of these schemes, though, and do they really benefit players? As it happens, they do. Join us as we explore the ins and outs of these reward programs right here. If you want to learn more about casino loyalty goodies, let’s get started.

How Do Loyalty Schemes Work at Online Casinos?? 1

Most Casinos Offer Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty rewards are not a one-off occurrence. While it is true that there are casinos that don’t provide these goodies, most of the best sites do. The exact nature of a loyalty scheme may vary, though. Some may be tier-based programs open to all. Others may offer comp points or a club shop, and some only offer VIP clubs for the most favoured players. Let’s explore what each delivers next.

The Tier-Based Loyalty Club

The tier-based loyalty club is the most common reward scheme at online casinos. As they play slots and table games, players will earn points. These can be used to climb the totem pole that is the loyalty club. It may have any number of levels, but the general rule is that the higher you climb, the better the goodies become. Perks can include free spins, cash bonuses, exclusive goodies and more. You may also receive cash bonuses for referring friends to the casino.

Comp Points and Loyalty Shops

Comp points are a common occurrence at casinos. Like the points used in loyalty clubs, players can earn comp points by betting on table games and slots. However, this time, they can be accumulated and redeemed for real money cash bonuses. Other casinos choose to let you spend accumulated loyalty points in a club shop. You can purchase free spins, cash bonuses and sometimes even merchandise there.

Perks for VIP Players

The biggest spenders (whales or high rollers) and frequent bettors will likely become VIP members over time. VIP players will likely claim far more extensive rewards than those members of a regular loyalty club. These perks can include higher withdrawal limits, faster withdrawal times, access to VIP tournaments and games, invitations to exclusive red-carpet events, and much more. Some casinos do not have a regular loyalty club and only offer a VIP club. Other sites have the former and not the latter, while many offer both to their members.

Trusted Casinos with Great VIP/Loyalty Schemes

Ultimately, the experience you can have with casino loyalty clubs, rewards schemes and VIP clubs will vary depending on where you play. For that reason, we always recommend playing at top internet casinos with proven rewards programs, like If you want to know more, we recommend heading over to one of these top casinos and exploring their loyalty clubs and VIP programs before signing up. This will give you a great idea of what to expect when you become a member of the casino.

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