Guess Who Won the PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2018?

PUBG has become quite a sensation amongst youngsters. The PUBG fever has spread like wildfire and taken a shelter in almost everyone’s phones! There was a rage of excitement when they announced the Campus Championship tournament, powered by Oppo, exclusively for college students. With the humongous prize pool of 50 lakhs. Needless to say, the tournament took the millennials by storm. The response and participation were overwhelming.

PUBG MOBILE Campus Championship

After 12 exciting rounds of qualification, the tournament came to a glorious end on 22nd October. And the winners of the championship who took home the cash prize of 15 lakhs were- ‘The Terrifying Nightmares’ from Mumbai. The final match took place in KTPO Whitefield, Bengaluru.

Guess Who Won the PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2018? 1

Well that’s not all. The top 15 teams also got to take home some Oppo F9 Pro smartphones. During the tournament Tancent and Oppo also launched a PUBG mobile themed store in Bengaluru. The second, third and fourth place winners got a prize money worth 5 lakhs, 3 lakhs and 2 lakhs respectively. The organizers had also arranged prices based on individual performances. There was a prize named ‘The MVP of PUBG Mobile Championship’ which was handed to ELeen Raj from Team NSD. Another award called ‘The Medic’ which was for the most number of revived was given to Hardeep Singh. While, Jatin Gupta won the Lone Ranger award for the highest kills in a single game.

The Numbers

Guess Who Won the PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2018? 2

The response of this mobile championship was truly overwhelming. It is safe to say that this tournament was India’s biggest eSports spectacle till date, the credit goes to the immense popularity of the game. After over 250000 registrations 20 teams were selected for the ultimate chicken dinner! The contestants came from across 1000 colleges and 30 cities. The game itself has now crossed over 100 million downloads, which is crazy when you think that it’s eventually just a first person shooter mobile game!

Meet the Team

The Terrifying Nightmares are a group 4 Mumbai boys named Amit, Sakriya, Anand and Mehul. Amit and Sakriya took up good positions in the game and managed the gameplay and attacks. While, Anand and Mehul took up supporting back up roles. All of them have crossed level 55 and are in the Ace Tier. Their goal is to now reach the Conqueror Tier. When asked about the strategy they used in the finale, here’s what they had to say, “Our main strategy was to land in Pochinki and dominate the area. If at all any team landed there, we would make sure we eliminated all of them and would hope that the zone would end up on us. The only strategy that remained constant was to stay close and use everyone’s strengths to win the round.”

Chang Han Kim, the CEO of PUBG Corporations was overwhelmed by the success of the Mobile Championship by Tancent. In an interview, he said, “The game has transcended the boundaries of being merely a mobile game to becoming India’s game of choice. While the growth of the game itself has been rock solid, the eSports scene in Indian gaming has also been thriving,” PUBG Corporation is planning to increase its focus on India looking at the popularity and will also be creating more localized experiences for its fans. So hold your horses for the next tournament soon!

PUBG has truly taken the field of E-sports to the next level and shows a lot of potential for the people who are serious about a successful gaming career. Maybe next time your folks at home yell at you for playing games in the phone all day, tell them you’re just on the path of winning 15 lakhs!

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