How To Resolve The SIM NOT PROVISIONED Error?[SOLVED]

    sim not provisioned
    SIM NOT PROVISIONED error popping up on your mobile screen.

    Isn’t the above image synonymous with what most of us must have encountered while swapping sim cards? “SIM not provisioned MM2”, is a common pop up message for nearly every mobile user which highlights their screen because of the following reasons :

    • Either your sim card is not activated or it’s not supported by your device.
    • SIM suspension by your service provider
    • The new SIM you just got isn’t activated yet.
    • The SIM card is dead owing to its age;i.e. It’s too old to work now.
    • The distorted mobile network could result in this message.

    A SIM card stores a large amount of information for its users in various forms (contacts,messages,media to name a few) and provides the user’s cell phone a unique Identity (via the IMEI number) on a continuously widening mobile network. 

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    A cell phone without an active SIM card is equivalent to a body without the soul. It’s the SIM card which allows us to make calls and use the internet services on our cell phones.

    Therefore it becomes a matter of utmost importance to resolving the above issue. But before we enumerate various methods to solve this problem, let’s quickly peep into a few more error messages which could interrupt the working of your cell phone.

    • SIM NOT VALID: Well, this is another error message which might occur when you try to insert your sim, which is locked to a particular phone in a new device. At that instance, UNLOCKING THE SIM comes to your rescue.

    Finally let us check out the solutions to the above-mentioned problems in this segment.

    7 ways To Get Rid Of Sim Not Provisioned Error:

    1. Restart Your Phone

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    We’re having a mindset that if a solution sounds too easy,then probably it’s not right.

    This solution might sound a bit lousy, thanks to our above-stated mindset but this is indeed the most simple method to overcome the SIM CARD not provisioned error. At times this error might occur merely because of network congestion and therefore its better to try this method before hopping onto some other tactics to resolve this problem.

    Once you restart your phone, the SIM gets activated again and this message no longer shall adorn your screen.

    2.Reinsert The Sim Card

    At times the problem might be with the phone or placement of the sim card. The SIM might not be properly connected to the phone’s circuitry which might result in an error message. Before reinserting your sim card keep the following points in your mind:

    • SIM CARD must be dry and clean
    • Avoid touching the gold contacts.
    • No need to cut, trim or modify the sim card.
    • Protect the sim card from extreme climatic conditions(moisture, extreme temperature) and strong magnetic surroundings.

    Once the above points are ensured, the following steps should be followed while reinserting your sim card:

    • Turn off your phone.
    • Open the SIM lid or Back cover as per your device. Refer to the device manual for the same.
    • The older devices have their sim cards in the card slots underneath the battery. For this, you need to open the back panel. The flagship phones or the newer models have their sim cards in the slots usually near the handsets. A SIM eject tool is required to exude the sim card out of your device.
    • Once the SIM is popped out, use a pencil eraser to clean the gold contacts and then remove the eraser residue from it using a clean cloth. You need to be very careful while doing this.
    • Put the Sim back in its correct orientation, reassemble the device and then turn it on.
    How to Reset a SIM CARD.

    The SIM not provisioned error should no longer appear. In case the error message still hits your mobile’s screen, try the SIM in another device.

    3.Contact Your Network Provider

    Contacting your network provider is the only way to solve this problem without taking much pain. The network provider will thoroughly investigate your issue and eventually will :

    • Either activate your sim, if there ain’t no problems.
    • Or Give you a new sim once he finds that the existing SIM is faulty.

    4.Activate Your SIM

    A newly registered SIM card takes 24-48 to get activated. So in case you got a new number, you ought to wait for the SIM to get into action.

    Otherwise try the following methods to activate your SIM card:


    There you go! The error message is no more popping up on your device’s screen.


    The tool is capable of settling every ANDROID OS issue in just a matter of a few simple steps. The following steps will resolve the SIM NOT PROVISIONED issue:

    • Connect your android device with the PC using a genuine cable. Download Dr.Fone toolkit on your system and launch it.
    How To Resolve The SIM NOT PROVISIONED Error?[SOLVED] 3
    Click The DOWNLOAD NOW button to download and launch this tool.
    • Click the system repair option from the main interface. Click the Android repair, followed by hitting the Start button
    How To Resolve The SIM NOT PROVISIONED Error?[SOLVED] 4
    Click System Repair
    • Choose Android repair and load in the device related information in the following window and hit Next.
    How To Resolve The SIM NOT PROVISIONED Error?[SOLVED] 5
    Click Next button at the bottom right of the screen.
    • Boot your device in download mode.
    How To Resolve The SIM NOT PROVISIONED Error?[SOLVED] 6
    • Initiate Repairing- The software detects the firmware as soon as the download completes and automatically initiates repairing. After a few minutes, your device’s issue is resolved.
    How To Resolve The SIM NOT PROVISIONED Error?[SOLVED] 7

    6. Try the other SIM CARD slot.

    The Dual Sim technology allows us to replace the SIM from the original slot to the other if the former gets corrupted. This avoids you from rushing to your service provider or a mobile shop.

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    sim not provisioned

    7. Get A New Sim

    If none of the above-mentioned methods is successful in resolving sim not provisioned, then it’s time to get a new SIM card for your cell phone. You can:

    • Contact your Network provider for the same.
    • Visit a local phone shop 
    • A franchise outlet is indeed the best place to find a new SIM card.

    You can even switch to an E-SIM  if your device supports it.

    These were the methods using which you can resolve the SIM NOT PROVISIONED error on your android. Enjoy using your cell phone!

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