Galaxy S3 Features Review With Video Demo

Galaxy S3 is the latest Android Smart Phone in the Samsung Galaxy Series and it would be available from 29th May in Europe for purchase. Galaxy S3 is the predecessor of Galaxy S2 it is believe to be the most advance than S2. Galaxy S3 is powered with 1.4 Ghz Quad-Core Processor and 1GB RAM.

Galaxy S3 features review

Galaxy S3 Storage and Camera

Galaxy S3 is available in 3 different variants 16GB, 32GB, 64GB external storages. And It supports upto 64 Gb of external Storage, with predecessor Galaxy S2 it was 32 GB external storage. It has 1.9MP front camera and 8MP rear camera, Bluetooth version is 4.0 which is latest.

Galaxy S3 Features with Video

S -Voice

What you think if your phone obey you on your commands, yes now its possible with Samsung Galaxy S3. The S-voice reminds us the SIRI application. The Samsung Galaxy S3 understands what you say, It knows what you mean and you can command the phone for shoot video or can tell stop alarm for few minutes or you can answer a call . It's really amazing right ?


Smart Stay

Smart stay is the one of the advanced and latest feature in Samsung Galxy s3, The front camera recognizes if you are looking at the display and it would maintain the bright display to read or to view the content on display. Really wonderful isn't it ? yes With this feature Samsung introduce a variety technology and its avoiding button press.


Direct Call

Direct call is one of the sensible feature in Samsung Galaxy S3 ,while we are reading someones sms we can call the respective person directly, Now it's simple just lift the phone and palce to ear, The call is automatically dialed, So no need to go to options and press any buttons! what an easy step to make a call isn't it?


Smart alert

Now Samsung introduce an another new feature in Samsung Galaxy S3 . If you leave your phone while you in office or when you are busy probably you does not know what happened in that time. But now the phone will alert you with a deep vibration when you pick up the phone on our hand if there is any missed calls or messages while you are not with the phone.


Pop up play

Samsung includes a seamless feature in Samsung Galaxy S3 . Pop up play is one of the smart perfomane of Samsung Galaxy S3 like a multi-task computer, Here we can see the power of the Quad-Core Processor. we can do different things simultaneously like video in one window and e-mail, SMS, MMS in another window. Really smart and awesome right ?


Social tag

Samsung knows the real taste of peoples and the influence of social media networks. So they included this feature Social tag. That helps you Once taged someones photo then you just look at their photo and you’ll see their current status. What a bight idea.


S Beam

How do you transferring your data? There is some steps to get connect is it? But now Samsung introducing an easy way to get connect with Galaxy S3 , no more steps just put the backs of your phones together get connect and share what ever you want.


AllShare Play

This is the second possibility to share content between your devices through Wi-Fi or DLNA enabled phone and your Galaxy S3 .


Buddy photo share

One touch photo share , easly can share photos and Galaxy S3 recognizes faces and links those for you.





These are some smart features on the latest Galaxy S3. But it doesn't mean that only these. Here we seen the most advanced and most discussed features from Samsung included in Samsung galaxy S3, So do let us know which one is your favorite and why you like it. Also let us know if we have missed any feature that you know.