New In Facebook: Add Tags in Comments

Hope you all know about Facebook's tagging feature, but so far it was limited to only Facebook posts and status message. Now Facebook has added this feature to comments. You can now tag any fan page, Facebook group or your friends in comments.

facebook tag in comments new feature
Adding tags in Facebook comments


Tagging is good to bring your comment into notice of your friends.  You can tag anyone by typing @ and then starting letter, it will show you some suggestions to choose from your interests, and you can select whom you wish to tag. Tagging in comments can greatly reduce link posting via comments as most would prefer to tag fan pages and friends while commenting. So thats something very cool about it. It seems to be a very useful feature added to Facebook in starting of the year, hopefully they will add more of such user friendly features for Facebook users.


I personally liked tagging in comments a lot and hope you all like it. Do drop your thoughts about this new feature as comments below :)


  1. Ah, it's about time, I say! I've been frustrated many times over whenever I've left a comment on Facebook and wanted to mention someone and tag them. It's never let me, and after a while I gave up.

    Now that I know it's (finally!) available, my networking can be taken a bit further than it used to be.

  2. thanks for the news Sreejesh. Useful point. Social media are becoming more and more sophisticated.

  3. Tagging is great on twitter, but I haven't seen it adopted as well on facebook. I haven't seen many of my friends using it.
    Maybe they just don't know or understand how it works.

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