Everything You Should Know About 2020 IBM Call for Code

In 2018, David Clark Cause along with IBM initiated a global technology challenge, known as IBM Call for Code. This challenge encourages the developers across the globe to participate in the competition and develop open-source technology solutions to bring lasting transformation across the globe. The challenge has proved that the developers can get together to create fruitful solutions for some serious global challenges.


Objective of IBM Call for Code 2020

The 2020 IBM Call for Code challenge will follow two separate tracks, COVID 19 and Climate Change. The objective of this challenge is simple. It invites the developers across the world to get together and use their creative skills to develop tech solutions for the recent pandemic – one of the worst in 100 years, and natural disasters due to global climate change. 

In this year, the call has been for creating an open source technological solution which would help to fight the effect of climate changes and reverse the changes. In addition to this, IBM has added another category to develop an open source solution to stall the progress of the current pandemic and diminish the effect. 

COVID 19 Campaign Sub Categories

After the effect of COVID 19 upon the world, the global communities attempt to deal with the crisis. For that they focus on: 

  • Crisis Communication

This starter kit has been created  to provide information to develop customized chatbots to stay in touch with the outside world during the pandemic situation. The crisis communication kit provides the tools and information to develop chatbot solutions with ease. The chatbot can send thousands of messages in a day. It can help people to have the luxury of open chat with the medical professionals about their health condition, assess their physical symptoms and call for help if required. IBM Watson Assistant supports the chatbot development process.  

  • Remote Education

During the pandemic, education is getting affected the most. Since schools and colleges across many countries are under lockdown, education in remote locations is affected the most. To help children get access to learning tools, the IBM Call for Code team has decided to offer a kit which gives information to create an application. It can help the teachers to get connected with the children. The application will allow the schools to set up a virtual classroom for the teachers and the students to reopen their conversation. In case, parents have to tutor the kids, they can refer to the kit as well. Here they can get the required resources to tutoring the children. 

  • Community Cooperation

This kit provides the information to understand the process to build an application that can enhance community cooperation. In the crisis time, the community needs to cooperate with each other to reduce the impact of the virus. This is why the need to have an application to enable that communication has risen. This communication process might come in any form. It can be through advertisement of supply or it can be through the offer of help. Social media is doing their part. However, social media does not offer a structured assistance protocol.  Using this kit one can develop an application which uses web, mobile and cloud services to enhance the communication process within the community. 

Climate Changes Campaign Sub Categories 

Lately climate changes have become a major concern for the experts. Therefore, the global team has decided to concentrate on energy sustainability including :

  • Water Sustainability

The kit offers information on how water can help reverse the effect of climate change. Technologies including data analytics, AI and Internet of Things can assist to address the global climate change issues. Water can lessen the effect of greenhouse gases.  

  • Energy Sustainability

This kit provides information on how energy consumption can lead to global climate changes. It can help to develop a solution to reduce the effect of the problem. 

  • Disaster Resilient

This kit can help to develop an AI based application which would help the society become more resilient to any kind of disaster. 

How IBM Call for Code Works

To participate in the competition, you are required to follow four easy steps.

  1. Accepting The Challenge

The IBM Call for Code 2020 encourages all the developers around the world to participate in the challenge to develop tech solutions to reduce the effect of COVID 19 and global climate changes. First you need to learn about the challenge. You have to find out what you can win. Once you decide your category, you can begin coding using a free IBM Cloud account.

  1. Building with Open Tech

It is important to find out how you can develop an application to combat the impact of climate changes and COVID 19. You need to select your track and get the resources to build the solution. Various starter kits are available to help you learn about making expert videos, code patterns and tutorials to develop your ideas. 

  1. Finding the Squad

You can use networking to add strength. Joining communities can help you to create your team, talk to the experts, shares your ideas and ask questions

  1. Submitting the Idea

You are required to create an open-source solution. It can be installed easily. Once the development process is done, you need to tell the IBM Call for Code management about the tech solution by making a demo video. You are required to explain what you have developed and how. You need to submit the participation agreement along with this to win $200,000. 

Participation Information 

You can go to the IBM Call for Code developer page. Here you will find challenges for COVID 19 and Climate Change and related resource links. These will help you go to general information, starter kits, code patterns and tutorials. You will be able to begin developing your tech solution from the information given here.


Any developer, entrepreneur and designer can participate. However, the employees of IBM government agencies and DCC are not allowed to participate in the challenge. Anyone willing to participate must accept the Participation Agreement terms. The Participation Agreement offers details on eligibility for participation.  

Tech Advice 

You can get advice from the tech mentors from IBM. For this you can go to IBM Call for Code Slack Community. These mentors are the right people to give you advice on judgement, rules of the competition and finding technical resources.

Information of Team Forming

You will have the option to create your team on the IBM Call for Code Slack community. The team should not contain more than 5 members.  

Ownership of The Application

The developers hold the ownership of the application they build. The winners and the runners up will get assistance from The Linux Foundation.  

Additional Resources about IBM Call for Code

You can find additional resources to enhance your application development process. Tutorials on how you can use IBM SPSS Statistics are available on the IBM Call for Code developer web page. The statistics can help you get a descriptive analysis of different data on COVID 19. Blog posts are also available to help you gather information on the pandemic. The technical library also offers numbers of write-ups to help you begin developing your ideas. 

Deadline of IBM Call for Code challenge

The deadline of the submission is on 31st July 2020. The global challenge winners will be announced in Oct 2020. The winners can win $200,000 as award money. In addition, they will be able to see their application getting deployed on Code and Response. 

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