Ecobee vs Nest – Know These Critical Differences

Smart thermostats are excellent way to make your home a smart home. These thermostats allow you to control the temperature of your home through your smartphone. You can impress everyone by putting a thermostat on your wall. Ecobee and nest are two best thermostats which rank top positions in the list of most recommended thermostats. Both of these thermostats are different but difference is not huge. Here I am going to discuss some differences between ecobee and nest. 


Both of these thermostats are great picks and both are dominant smart thermostats but still you should also know the key differences between ecobee vs net . If you want endless data with customization you would love to have ecobee. If you need a great looking thermostat that work with any thought from you then nest is the best match to your requirement.

Basic Features:

Nest learning thermostat is the best looking as it looks like a classic Honeywell round. The outer ring of nest is made of stainless steel that reflects the color of wall. When it is cooling its face light up with blue and turns orange when your system is heating.  It feels heavy and sturdy. You can turn the ring to make changes in the temperature. Nest thermostat has 2 models Nest thermostat E and Classic Nest learning thermostat. It has a simple interface and it comes in different styles including black, white, copper and stainless steel. It has more sensors than ecobee so it can track more metrics.

Ecobee has a rectangular body that makes it look like an oversized smart watch. It has a black color plastic body with glass screen. It has significantly larger screen than nest. Its touch screen feature gives you access for many control settings.


Nest is a great option if you are looking to buy a smart thermostat that can learn your behaviors. Over the time it learns your heating and cooling preferences so it automatically makes the adjustments for you. With nest thermostat you can create an automatic schedule and also do temperature adjustments on the thermostat or with Google assistant and alexa.

Ecobee is a better option if you are looking for a thermostat with HomeKit support, amazing external room sensors and inbuilt alexa support. Its HomeKit support offers you more options while setting up your smart home. 


Nest utilizes the geofencing technology for occupancy detection. Technically the Nest application uses your locations to detect that you are at home or not. If you are not at home it automatically switches to money saving mode. When you come back to home it resumes the heating or cooling process. This feature of Nest thermostat actually works like a magic.

Ecobee has three setting options including home, sleep and away. You can make the temperature settings according to what temperature you prefer when you are at home, sleeping or away from home. You can schedule each mode individually. It also has another option i.e. “I am usually at home” which you can activate if you usually stay at home. You can also use its “smart away” and “follow me” option to detect occupancy through geofencing. Ecobee has inbuilt alexa feature. 

If you are looking for intelligence and style in your thermostat, Nest is the answer and if you are looking for integration and maximum control, you should choose Ecobee.

Pros of Nest Thermostat:

The build quality of Nest is excellent including glass display and stainless steel ring.

It supports two and three speed fans.

It has built in lithium battery that defends the system against power outages.

It has temperature, motion, humidity, ambient, proximity, magnetic and light sensors.

It is compatible with other products of Nest.

Cons of Nest thermostat:

Occasional connectivity issues with WLAN routers.

Sometimes the remote sensors measure only temperature not the occupancy.

For home automation platforms it provides limited support.

Pros of Ecobee thermostat:

The touch screen display of Ecobee works excellent.

Entering the wifi or WLAN passwords is just breeze in case of ecobee.

Its remote sensors give exact temperature readings for multiple rooms.

It has inbuilt humidity, temperature, proximity and occupancy sensors.

Ecobee is compatible with every smart home platform such as alexa, AppleHomeKiT

It works with Siri and Google assistant.

Cons of Ecobee thermostat:

It does not support two and three speed fans.

It requires a power extender kit which comes along.

Its build quality is not that much good.


If you want to improve the heating and cooling infrastructure of your house Nest and Ecobee both thermostats are great choices. Ecobee is a leading thermostat with many options and Nest is an intelligent thermostat that learns your behavior. You can communicate with these thermostats with your smart phones and smart speakers. Which brand you prefer that completely depends on your particular choices and requirements. 

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