EasyShare - Let Visitors Share Your Website In New Style!

Easy Share

Introduction to EasyShare!

EasyShare is a basic flash plugin (swf file) which let you easily share your website in well-known social network websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, Digg and via email. This is similar to "addthis" social button.

Why Easy Share?

Here are some reasons about why to use EasyShare

  1. Animated buttons and cool interface which attracts the user to share your website
  2. Free to use and distribute with no ads
  3. Very light in size, just 10kb therefore loads faster in your website
  4. Easy to embed in your website with transparent option

How to configure Easy Share with your websites?

Easy Share plugin can be configured by modifying the text file, find the text file "link.txt" located in the same folder where this swf file is present. To configure your website-

  1. Open "link.txt" file located in the same folder where this swf file is present
  2. Choose "Replace" (Ctrl+H) from the "Edit" menu
  3. Find for "http://www.your-site-here.com" (without quotes)
  4. Just replace all with your website URL (http:// prefix is required)

Which files should be uploaded?

Upload "easyshare_techgyo.swf" and "link.txt" along with your website files.

Embedding swf file

You can embed this swf in your website by clicking "Insert" >> "Media" >> "Flash" in Dreamweaver software. Just add <param name="wmode" value="transparent" /> line within object tag to make this swf transparent.

This is the first version of EasyShare hence you are requested to submit any bugs. Along with that your suggestions, comments and appreciations are most welcome!.


Link to download EasyShare: http://www.ziddu.com/download/15318575/EasyShare_By_TechGyo.com.zip.html


Developed by: Techgyo Team

Easy Share plugin (swf file) is distributed as freeware without any kind of warranty.


  1. @Delena Silverfox @TechGopal Thanks for trying Easy Share.. It works best with static websites and can be embedded easily by using Dreamweaver software.

  2. The small size makes this particularly attractive. I've been seeing a lot of problems with load times because of so many apps/plug-ins on WP blogs.

  3. Downloaded the file and using it. Pretty impressive WP plugin.

    Thanks for the share.

  4. This is awesome @Shrinivas for this awesome recommendation. the plugin work pretty cool.

  5. It's a very useful plugin for web developers to use in their websites, good work. Thanks for distributing as a freeware! :-D

    • Its a WordPress plugin "upPrev Previous Post Animated Notification" customized it to blend with our page.

  6. @Haru This is used in http://www.rpdbgm.org an institution website.... @Nasif Thank you for appreciating our work :-D

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