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Delete and Hide Pre-Installed Apps from your iPhone or iPad

Delete unwanted built-in
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In the previous article we provided you with a full fledge article on what is bloatware and how can you discard them from an Android device. Since we are talking about it, I wanted to help the iPhone and iPad users as well with some information on the same topic. Internet is biased more towards the Android users in India because of the higher customer base. Which is why, I wanted to help out the iOS users as well. You’re Welcome!

Bloatwares or pre-installed apps in your phones can fill up some memory in your phone cutting down space. While using any device in the long run you always feel the need to clear up some memory in your phone for some additional space. Deleting these pre-installed applications will surly prove effective to, however it is not that simple. Discarding some applications can be a real pain in the nerves. But keep in mind, some of the pre-installed apps are very essential for a smooth functioning of your phone, so be thoughtful before deleting them.

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Luckily the iPhone and iPad users have been granted with the freedom to delete built-in applications ever since the iOS 10 has launched. has thoughtfully made it easier for users to discard these apps (not all the pre-loaded apps) for creating some extra space. In this article we will give an in-depth guide on how to delete these apps and how you can hide the apps which cannot be deleted.

Discard the Apps Discretely:

You can discard the unwanted application to create some space for your data by the following method. Using this method one can discard whichever app the user has either purchased or downloaded from the App Store.

  1. Scroll through the apps you posses in your device and select the app you want to remove.
  2. Tap-hold the app’s icon till it gets animated with a bouncing motion (this is for your understanding that the Edit Mode has activated).
  3. You will notice ‘X’ symbol on the top-left corner of the application’s icon.
  4. Choose the Deleted option for confirming.
  5. Users can easily delete even more apps or move the apps across the screen or further opt for the Home button to abolish the edit mode.

Delete pre-installed apps from iPhones
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Discard Numerous Apps:

If your devices consists a loads of applications, then deleting them discretely might be too much work for you. This method will help you from being worked up. The following method gives you the advantage to know which app is using most part of your storage space:

  1. Proceed to the Settings option then hit General and further opt for Storage & iCloud Usage
  2. At the top portion (Storage), select Manage Storage
  3. The users will be provided with a list of apps with the amount of storage they are consuming. Select the application which you wish to discard. If you do not notice any arrow adjacent to it then it is an indication that the app cannot be deleted.
  4. Hit Delete App.
  5. Remove all the apps in the similar manner to clear the clutter.

Discard Pre-Loaded Apps:

This is the main purpose of the whole guide. Although some of these apps are very important for you to keep like Clock, Messages, Calendar and others. There are applications which users might not be very interested in and if those apps take up space then it can be pretty irritating.

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The process of removing these apps is similar to the one described in the ‘Discard the Apps Discretely’ part. This will surely remove the app from your phone’s data but this might not make space for your photos or data for which you are deleting these apps. If you notice the screenshot above, you can delete few applications but some applications can only be removed from the HomeKit data.

How to delete stock apps
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This made us realise that Apple has not really allowed you remove a lot of applications no matter how much they annoy you. However, deleting the permitted apps using method this will allow you to make space for your data as you delete some apps. Also, before you delete these apps you can be a bit generous and save the data of that particular app in your Drive (Google) you possess in your phone as discarding the apps will remove the app’s data also.

Built-in Apps which can be Deleted:

To make it easier for you we have listed down the applications which you are permitted to delete by iPhones and iPads. Below are as follows:

   Calculator     Calendar      Compass       Contacts

  Find Friends

       Home         iBooks
   iCloud Drive   iTunes Store         Mail        Maps
      Music       News        Notes      Podcasts
  Reminders      Stocks         Tips       Videos
  Voice Memos      Watch       Weather

Remember to unpair the Apple Watch before you remove the Watch app and other connected apps like removing maps or music will remove the CarPlay as well. So make sure you unpair everything and then delete the apps

Also, even when you remove the contact app you don’t have to worry about the list of your contacts; the Phone app will still contain the list. It also lets you launch calls in FaceTime despite of deleting FaceTime.

Built-in Apps which cannot be deleted:

As mentioned before some built in apps cannot be deleted as it can interrupt the functioning of the device.

         Activity          Messages
         App Store          Phone
         Camera          Photos
         Clock          Safari
         Find My iPhone          Settings
         Health          Wallet


So, in total you are permitted to delete 23 apps from your phone, and the rest of the 12 apps cannot be deleted. Deleting 23 apps will surely give you a lot of storage space.

How to Hide Apps which cannot be deleted?

Hide stock apps
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For the time being, the apps which do not permit you to delete them can be hidden by clubbing them into one folder and shove aside the folder in the home screen which can be further buried under the other various home screens.

Although, you will not be able to move all the icons towards the second screen as this will only bring all of the icons back to primary screen. This will leave you with atleast one app in your view the rest being hidden. Make note that, this process will only hide them and it will not erase any kind of data it contains so this will technically not save you any space. So you can leave them as it is or hide them for your convenience.

I hope this article will help you resolve your problems. Let us know your tricks which you apply for some additional space in the comment section below.