Cyber Monday Catch-and-Keep: Preventing Dropped Orders

Exhibiting your online shopping website on ‘Cyber Monday’ can be one the best ways to get your online company in front of new potential buyers, as well as a way to expand your own offerings by throwing some really cool Cyber Monday deals on those innovative new products that you think your competitors would not be listing on their own websites. Whether you are a manufacturer, artisan, importer, or wholesaler; Cyber Monday can serve as the perfect opportunity for you to reach your target markets and even expand into markets previously not considered. Granted, preparing for this gala shopping frenzy will cost you, as you might need to upgrade your servers to efficiently handle the pool of shoppers hitting your website on this particular day of the year.

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However, the orders you gain and the number of clients you make, which you might not see otherwise, can make the costs worth it; therefore, you need to make sure that your store is up and running and able to handle that rush, since you don’t want to lose potential customers just because you didn’t make sure you would be able to handle such a rush or not.

I Can’t Believe He Dumped Me!

The dreaded “Showflakes” a slang term for abandoned orders, can turn a great experience into a demoralizing one. The loss of anticipated revenue can hit more than the balance sheet. They loved the product on your website, but what about the follow-through? Some buyers, sorry to say, consider the heavy discounts on ‘Cyber Monday Deals‘ to be a bit like throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. Often they might try a new shopping portal to make purchases on the products that they have been eyeing since a long time; therefore, if you are relatively new to the scene, it’s vital that you train your guns well and give them the experience that they had been hoping for, so that they come back again in the near future.

This Website Looks Secure

This is what you want people to think when they hit your website this season; therefore, you need to ensure that to prevent dropped orders from happening, people actually feel secure while entering information critical data like credit card or bank account details on your website while making purchases. The fact that Cyber Monday is  that time of the year, when your online store could end up being bombarded by literally hundreds of thousands of shoppers, makes it all the more important for you to secure it to highest standards possible.

Being an online store owner can sometimes seem to be much more complex than running a brick and mortar one; however, spending some time in planning out the minute details in advance can help you better deal with the challenges that you might face. So, if you are planning to make the best of the hunting season in the world of online shopping; it’s time you gave some serious thought to the overall experience of the end-user and how you can raise the bar to make the very best of this time of the year.

Cyber Monday Catch-and-Keep: Preventing Dropped Orders 1
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