Customize your “Facebook Reactions” with these Engaging Chrome Extensions

It was only a few months back that we witnessed the standard “Like button” of Facebook extending itself to “reactions.” Facebook decided to recreate its Like button in a more engaging manner. They got a broad and essential range of human emotion which condensed down to a single expression and i.e. “liking or disliking something.” To be precise, Facebook added five reactions apart from “like” – “love”, “haha”, “wow”, “sad” and “angry”. The icons look like basic emoji and Facebook did justice to the “oh so simple” like button. But did you know that this is not all? Do you know that you can get like way more creative than just what Facebook offers? Yes, of course, that is possible.

Facebook reactions other that like button

Just enter the Chrome Web Store, install the following extensions for your browser and simply replace the Facebook offered standard reaction icons. Replace the reaction with what – Cute pet pictures, Donald Trump’s facial expressions or react your own way. With these, you are into a whole new world of expressions and reactions available for Facebook and not just the primary six icons.


Installing the “Reaction Packs” have a two-step process which is done in seconds. Firstly, through the Chrome Web Store, you need to install the framework for these. After this, visit and choose reactions from over 400 available packs. Thanks to their creative user base who submits these reactions.

Reaction Packs for Facebook

You are bound to discover things that will make you giggle. Be it some rage faces to Leonardo DiCaprio to the Golden Girls, you get it all.

Just click the “Use This Pack” option when you find something according to your choice and it will automatically apply to your browser. Refresh your Facebook page and find your new Facebook Reactions. All the images correspond to Facebook’s range of “like, love, haha, wow, sad and angry” emotions.


If minimalism is your choice, this is somewhat a bonus extension. If you feel all the reactions are just cluttering your surfing experience then just install “Say Nope” chrome extension.

Say nope to reaction - note

Why? Because it does customize your Facebook Reaction experience by removing them completely. No reactions would show up when you hover over the like button. This extension simply takes you back to the olden days when simply pressing a “Thumbs Up” button was your only favorite. liking something.

You can also find plenty of other online tools or extension that help you even get rid of junk that appears in your News Feed.

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This chrome extension works a little differently from other reaction packs. React Your Way, technically isn’t one single Chrome extension. Rather, it’s a collection of extensions where each illustrates one set of reactions.

Visit the website – – and view the different offered bundles. For now, they tend to focus more on celebrities & characters. Mark Zuckerberg, Donald Trump, Beyonce, and Disney characters are all present along with several others.


Simply click the “Get It” button beneath the set you want to download. This will further take you to the Chrome Web Store where the particular set f reactions can be installed from. Click on “Add to Chrome” like you would normally do for any other extension.

At the end, refresh your Facebook web page and basque in the glory of miscellaneous image reactions.

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