Personalities that Web Developers Should Follow to Get Helpful CSS Tricks

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    Personalities that Web Developers Should Follow to Get Helpful CSS Tricks 1
    Hi, this is +Shrinivas, from Belgaum. I'm a part of the Techgyo community.

    Web designers need inspirations as well as imaginations but that is not enough, you can only make your imagination come true or make it even better if you are aware of latest trends that happens on the web, whether it comes to CSS tricks or javascript library, you must be in touch with some resources to gain the knowledge.

    So how to get some useful CSS tricks or latest happenings of the web directly on your Facebook wall? Just follow the personalities and pages mentioned below and get useful hints and CSS tricks, many of them even help you to solve your html and CSS related issues. These people have come up with some great free plugins, online tools and frameworks which can be used in your own web development project to make it more interesting and user friendly.

    web developers

    Lea Verou

    Lea Verou

    Lea Verou works at World Wide Web consortium (W3C) which is an international community that works on developing web standards. For now she has more than 15 projects in her portfolio related to CSS, HTML and PHP, most dazzling are “Dabblet” online interactive CSS tool, “The CSS3 Test” to check your browser compatibility with CSS3, “Animatable” which is a CSS transitions gallery, “CSS3 patterns gallery” where you get CSS based pattern and “CSSS” a slideshow framework. Check out all of her outstanding projects over here. You can follow Lea Verou on facebook to get updates on her latest projects.

    Chris Coyier

    Chris Coyier

    Chris Coyier owns CSS-tricks[dot]com website where he share useful CSS and HTML tricks, snippets, video tutorials and many other great web development resources. He has a dedicated facebook page where you can get updates of all the above mentioned stuffs and you can even post your questions or errors you mess with during web developments. Follow css-tricks facebook page over here.

    John Resig

    John Resig

    You might have heard of John Resig if you are familiar with jQuery, John Resig is a chief developer of jQuery, in simple words he is a creator of the jQuery library. He has various projects in his portfolio including “Sizzle.js” a cross-browser JavaScript CSS selector library, “Env.js” which is a JavaScript server-side browser environment and many more. He is also a proud author of JavaScript Secrets and Pro JavaScript books. Check out all his works on his portfolio.

    Daniel Eden

    Daniel Eden

    Daniel Eden is a web designer who has some awesome projects in his portfolio, personally I use his “Animate.css” in my web development projects which is a cross-browser CSS animation library, “Toast” is also one of his cool CSS framework which he developed for his personal use but later he made it available online for everyone. Check out all of his useful projects on his portfolio.

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