Create Your Own Social Bookmarking Icons Widget for Your Blog

I hope you know that social bookmarking sites can drive huge traffic to your blog, and it is the best way to get closer to your users. There are plenty of social bookmarking widgets available online, but most of them are very complicated to edit and customize for your needs and choice. You need not be a tech savy to create your own social bookmarking icns for your blog. Today, you can get it easily with plenty of online services. I'm going to introduce one such online tool for you to create your own social bookmarking icons of your choice. is once such site which lets you create your own social bookmarking icons for your blog.

bookmarkcrazeStep 1:

Go here and select the icons of your choice which you want in your widget.

social bookmarking iconsStep 2:

In the next step, select whether you need icons with text or only text links for bookmarking. If you need the icons load faster, then you can upload the images to your own website server. If you are in Blogger (Blogspot) then you can create draft post and then upload images manually and then link it. Because the images you upload in Blogger is automatically hosted in Picasa web albums of Google which will give you unlimited bandwidth.

bookmarkcraze step 2Step 3:

In the next step, just ignore the filed for Website link and title if you want the links for post pages. Then copy and paste the code into your Blog.

bookmarkcraze step 3

Adding the code in Blogger.

Now Go to and then click on DESIGN option from the Dashboard. as given in the below picture.

blogger dashboard design optionNow click on EDIT HTML option from the menu.

blogger page elements optionThen, check the "Expand Widget Templates" option as given in the below screenshot.

expand widget templates

Now, press CRTL+F on the keyboard and then search for <data:post.body/> OR <p><data:post.body/></p> and then page the code which you just created from below  <data:post.body/> OR <p><data:post.body/></p>. Remember to check the "Expand Widget Templates" to find the line you are searching for.

Drop your comments if you need help in adding the code to your blog.



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