Coolpad Cool 5 Review

Coolpad Cool 5 Review 1

In the rapidly moving world of mobiles, we’ve constant options of new ones available almost every other month. But, once we look at the options with great scrutiny, we realize that certain mobiles are better than others, in terms of pricing, features and specifications. 

In this review, we look at the Coolpad Cool 5. The competition in the budget range of mobiles is rapidly growing and the coolpad cool 5 is another entrant to the budget mobile section. With specifications that give a tight fight to the rivals, we look at the mobile in more detail. 


Starting with the part which is the most important, how powerful is the coolpad cool 5? Backed with MediaTek Helio P22, a chipset that is very common in budget range mobiles, offers good performance for the price at which the mobile is offered. 

To back the performance, the mobile comes with an internal storage of 64 GB. If you’re a moderate user of mobile phones and are looking to store a few videos and songs, 64GB will do you loads of good. 

In our experience we were able to run heavy apps with much ease. Games like PUBG also didn’t pose any performance lacunas either. If you’re a gamer who loves to play games on the go or just during idle time, you need not worry about the performance of this chipset – it wont let you down. 

In terms of security, the standard finger-print unlock is added for extra protection. The fingerprint sensors work well and don’t really pose any drawback as such. 

Coolpad Cool 5 Review 2


We next come to an aspect of mobiles that play a major role in how well it will do on the sales charts. The primary camera is of 13 MP and the front camera is of 16 MP (quite able to handle selfies and video calling). 

Coolpad Cool 5 Review 3

The image quality isn’t something to hugely talk about, it’s good enough though for this price. The daylight pictures come out decently well, the problem is during nighttime, but it’s not a dealbreaker. 

Camera Samples


Battery is an aspect that will determine how long you can use the mobile’s features and specifications before hurrying to find a charging point. The mobile runs of Android 9.0 (updated as you switch on the phone). 

With a strong 4,000 mAH battery backing performance, you’ll be left impressed with the duration time of phone running on a single 100% charge. In our experience, the average time of charging to full from 0 is around 100-120 minutes. 

Design and display 

The phone comes in two color variants – namely, Midnight Blue and Gradient Blue. The back is however of plastic which always has risk of catching scratches but it nevertheless is not of cheap quality so you can be rest assured about the looks not looking cheap. 

Coolpad Cool 5 Review 8

A water drop notch is given at the front. Power and volume buttons are on the right and the sim tray is differently located on the left side. The bottom part of the phone features the USB Type-C port and speakers. 

The screen part is specifically something that stands out, with a 6.22 screen size. TFT IPS Panel and HD+ (1520X720 pixels) makes for good color angles and quite satisfactory viewing experience. In terms of outdoor display under sun, the phone doesn’t give you a lackluster performance. 


In the budget ranged mobile phone segment, the Coolpad Cool 5 is a good buy. Although don’t have your expectations high with this device. With a battery that will not leave you disappointed all through the day, you’d be quite content with the performance if you’re not a gamer. The storage is expandable upto 128 GB which is always an added benefit in budget range phones, which necessarily don’t come with heavy internal storage. 

The 4GB Ram is quite fast and won’t leave you frustrated in basic app usage, playing graphic-intensive games though does pose a few lags but that’s expected in a phone that is 1) budget targeted and 2) supports basic hardware specs. 

The security system on the phone is good, but it’s  finger-print sensor does pose a few concerns on a few occasions, as we stated above. Otherwise, the face-unlock works well and you can be rest assured of a safe and secure experience on the phone. 

The camera is good for a phone priced under <10,000. You will be quite satisfied with what the camera quality has on offer and we believe that it’s because of a good camera and fairly good hardware specifications that this phone will be a strong contender in the <10,000 price segment. We give it a strong recommendation in this price range. 

The phone is available at 7,999 for the 4GB RAM/64 GB internal storage. 

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