ChargeCard – A USB Cable That Fits Into Your Wallet!

Over the years the size of electronic devices is decreasing with every new product in market. Whether be it a cell phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop, game consoles, PDAs etc. every time a new product is introduced there is a significant reduction in the size of the device as compared to its previous version. Not only higher end devices, even their peripherals like printers, scanners, chargers, connecting equipment etc. also have seen a substantial fall in their size. In this post we’ll see another such Universal Serial Bus (USB) connector which fits into your wallet! Yes, you read it right, a USB cable that fits into your wallet. ChargeCard is a USB cable that’s thin enough to fit in your wallet. Instead of carrying the USB charging cable you could just use your credit card sized ChargeCard that fits in your wallet. ChargeCard is a Kickstarter project by Noah Dentzel and Adam Miller launched in July, 2012.

ChargeCard Specifications

What is ChargeCard?


ChargeCard is a USB cable thin enough to fit in your wallet. It’s shaped in form of a credit card to make it easily and comfortably fit in to a wallet, purse or an average sized pocket. It essentially requires a USB port to charge your phone. And now a days USB ports can be found with all types of consumer electronic devices. Thus when your phone runs out of juice, ChargeCard allows you to easily charge your phone using a USB port.

How to use it?

It’s simple. The flexible tongue (foldout USB arm) containing the standard USB is plugged in to a USB port of any electronic device and the other end of ChargeCard goes in your phone. That’s it and phone starts charging. And of course the device with the host USB port must be ON for your phone to charge.

How is ChargeCard different from portable phone charger kits?

The usual portable phone charging kits are bigger in size whereas ChargeCard is of size similar to a credit card. It can be easily and comfortably fit in to your wallet, purse or an average sized pocket which cannot be done with usual portable phone charger kits.

Technical Specifications

ChargeCard is 0.1″ or 2.54mm thick which makes it easily fit in even in compact designed wallets. And according to ChargeCard Team it can even fit beneath many iPhone cases! The foldout USB arm is made up of flexible thermoplastic elastomer and its body is made up of durable ABS plastic.


ChargeCard  Portability

Since ChargeCard essentially uses a USB port to charge phones, any consumer electronic device with a USB port outlet can be used to charge your phone. It supports computers, TVs, game consoles, cars and typically any live USB port to charge your phone.

Phones supported by ChargeCard

Currently ChargeCard is available for iPhone 4, iPhone 5, Android and micro USB phones. Also it works as a data cable for iPhone. Initially it was designed exclusively for iPhones and according to ChargeCard team, micro USB version of ChargeCard is under design for Blackberry phones and will be ready soon.

Looks, Colors and Appearances

ChargeCard is available in black, white and teal on brown colors for iPhone. Also a limited edition -Birds on Wire ChargeCard is available for iPhones is available.

ChargeCard - iPhone

Black, white or Bird on Black colors are available for micro USB type ChargeCard.

ChargeCard - Micro USB


Cost of this product for all three versions, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and Android is $25. You can order one at


ChargeCard is an awesome USB cable which easily fits in to your wallet, purse or an average sized pocket thus freeing you from all the tangling of your usual USB phone charger cable. Also it is available in cool colors and shades. ChargeCard serves as good friend of yours when you want it and fits in your wallet when you don’t want it!

Check out the video below:

ChargeCard - A USB Cable That Fits Into Your Wallet! 1
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