Apps to Watch Videos on Floating Windows on Android

Smartphones and android phones have now become competent multi-taskers. With the recent developments in the android arena, there has been a fast paced progress regarding multi-tasking in these phones. These multi-tasking issues are made easier with the help of floating apps available to the android phones. The notable feature about this application is that it allows the running of other objects on the top of already initiated objects which in turn increases the rate of work in these phones. These apps are readily available on any android device which makes it realistic for an android user to perform multi-tasking with these phones. Thanks to this app available with android phones that the user can also view YouTube videos simultaneously while also browsing the web on the floating window. This feature could not be thought of some time ago, but with the introduction of floating apps, it has come as a boon for the users who like multi-tasking.

With the accelerated need of the society, multi-tasking has become a common feature, and the floating apps derive the solution towards this tendency to a great extent. Thus, below is the description of the apps that facilitate the multi-tasking with playing YouTube videos while surfing the web on the other floating window:

1. Floating Browser Flux:


Floating Browser Flux provides a fantastic browser for the android phones to surf the internet in a floating window on the top of any other application being worked upon by the user. The installation of this application is the easiest. The user is required to just derive the app from the Play store and choose the “floating browser flux” icon for starting the float browsing. This browser has a user-friendly interface and is quite easy to install and use. This web browser is unique in its features and gives Chrome and other similar browsers a run for their money. Another feature of this browser that earns a lot of applause is its ability to let the user maximize or minimize the browser according to his requirements. This browser facilitates the use of more than one application simultaneously on the floating windows which
can referred as parallel application run. This browser has the efficient features like keeping a record of the sites visited and all your browsing history.

Download this app from Playstore

2. Floating YouTube Popup Video:
Floating YouTube Popup Video android app

Floating YouTube popup video enables the user to play YouTube videos while doing some other important work in a floating window. The credibility of this application is residing in the fact that there is no loss of voice while playing the YouTube video; this paves way for a wonderful YouTube experience, at the same time not compromising with the
important work that can be done simultaneously using this incredible app. The installation of this app is quite easy and use of this app isn’t complicated either. Once the app is installed, the user is required to launch the YouTube station and after selecting the video to be played, the user is supposed to click on the “Share” button and consequently choose the app “Floating YouTube”. The remaining work that the user is supposed to do is to just enjoy the YouTube experience along with the running of other important apps in the background.

Download from Google playstore

This article is written by Mike Wagner from Texas, USA. He is a web developer currently working for Iflexion web development company which allow best php application development.

Apps to Watch Videos on Floating Windows on Android 1
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