12 Top Rated Audio Equalizers Softwares For Windows 10

Audio Equalization is a technique to establish a subtle balance between audio frequency modules. This is an incredible approach to boost or attenuate the levels of various frequencies in a signal. Popularly known as EQ, this method has its significance for audio engineers.

The process of Audio mixing is primarily about the twitching of different EQ plugins to get the desired results. 

The 4 major types of Equalization are discussed below:

  1. SHELVING EQ– The aim is to create a “shelf” in the given frequency zone by boosting or reducing the frequencies above or below a specified point.
  2. BELL EQ– Here a certain range of frequencies is boosted or impaired around a specific point
  3. GRAPHIC EQ– Works separately with multiple slider controls, where one slider band corresponds to the adjustment of one frequency band. So more sliders mean more control
  4. Parametric EQ– Incorporates Bell EQ with knobs for various frequencies. However, in this, we can select a certain frequency to adjust.

An equalizer is a device that is used to recompense the lost audio quality by synchronizing various tonal effects. Composed of filters, these tools allow you to enhance and upgrade the audio quality either by attenuating or amplifying various frequency ranges present in your signal.

windows 10 equalizer
Windows 10 equalizer

In this article, we’ve listed the 12 best audio equalizers which can completely transform your audio experience and uplift the quality of original audio signals.

Check out these Windows 10 equalizers to get an incredible audio experience on your PC.

Equalizer APO

This app operating as an Audio Processing Object ( APO) is indeed an excellent Windows 10 equalizer. It’s a powerful and customizable Windows 10 equalizer, and a plethora of features are available for free.

Being an APO, this app does not support the audios using APIs like ASIO or WASAPI.

Perks of using Equalizer APO:

  • Provides an unlimited range of filters
  • Allows multi-channel usage
  • Low CPU usage
  • Supports the 3-d surround sound
  • Multiple profiles can be created as per your requirements and you can easily switch between them.

Cons of using Equalizer APO:

  • The only disadvantage of using this Windows 10 equalizer is that this app lacks a GUI(GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE). This makes you edit the filters in a TXT file. 

However the availability of third party GUIs, one of the best being the Peace equalizer is of great help.

Equalizer Pro

This app is yet another great option when it comes to having a Windows 10 equalizer, and provides a clean interface, unlike the Equalizer APO. It’s a user-friendly option that offers a  ten-band equalizer. 

Perks of Using Equalizer Pro:

  • Offers 20 presets
  • Provides a system-wide bass boost feature
  • Saves your equalizer profile
  • Provides a PreAmp volume control

Cons of Using Equalizer Pro:

  • The only drawback of using this app is that it’s not available for free. You ought to pay $29.95 to buy the license. 

However a free trial is available for 7 days, but when this period ends you need to buy the license to continue using this app. Also, the ten-band equalizer provided by this app is more than enough for all but the professional audiophiles.


This is an open-source equalizer available for Windows 10, Windows Vista, 7, and 8.1 The equalizer offers 18 bands with the ranges running from -120dB to 13dB.

Perks of using Viper4Windows:

  • Allows you to create your profiles or use the ones from the available presets.
  • The RoomSize feature allows you to set the size of the room you’re hearing music in and this app will automatically set the surround sound.
  • Offers extra boost to low sounds with the BassBoost feature.
  • Allows you to manage Audio damping, density, bandwidth, decay, and more under its Reverberation settings

(Note- Make sure to use this app in the admin-mode. For that right-click the app’s file and perform these steps Properties > Compatibility > Settings > Run this program as administrator)

Boom 3D

This Windows 10 equalizer mainly designed for the users who enjoy listening to the computer audio via headphones is available for both Windows 10 and macOS.

Perks of using Boom 3D:

  • Requires no additional booster to convert the audio output into 3D sound surround
  • Offers a wide range of 31 bands and a dozen preset options
  • Apps Volume Controller.
  • Advanced Audio Player
  • You get  to access 20,000 international and local radio stations with this equalizer

The equalizer producing rich spatial audio is available for a free trial period of 30-days, after which you need to pay 19.99-39.99$ to continue using it.

EQ Audio Equalizer

This Windows 10 equalizer is not an EXE file that can be downloaded and run on Windows like the other equalizers we’ve discussed so far. Rather it’s a chrome app, which means that it can only work and operate with the audios that are generated from within the Chrome. 

However since a large proportion of the world’s population prefer audio listening via Chrome on their PCs- YouTube, Netflix, or Spotify, this is a great option to enhance the audio you’re listening to. 

Perks of using the EQ Audio Equalizer:

  • Allows you to alter and experiment sound effects while listening to the audios on wb(say YouTube).
  • Offers a great sound quality.
  • Available for free.

Cons of using EQ Audio Equalizer:

  • The only set-back is that it’s operations are constrained to the audios produced from within the Chrome

This a classic example of an online equalizer which is indeed a boon when it comes to boosting our music experience on the web


It’s a two in one tool offering its services as an Equalizer and a real-time APO.

Let’s quickly check out the perks of using FX sound as an equalizer:

  • Customizable sliders to avoid the muffled sound in a compressed audio
  • 10 bands ranging from 110Hz to 15KHz
  • Dynamic boost to balance the loudness with the increased dynamic range
  • Offers Bass boosting feature
  • The 32-bit floating-point processing allows you to regain the lost quality
  • Offers exceptional preset options -Rap, Dialog Boost, Country, Techno, etc

The equalizer Windows 10 is available for a free-trial period of 7 days. 

However, to use it once the trial period ends you have to pay $49.99.

Voicemeeter Banana

This equalizer Windows 10 is undoubtedly the best option for those who’re using their microphones quite often and are into creating their podcasts or uploading videos on YouTube.

The Advanced audio mixer attribute lets you control the system’s audio for any sort of streaming or recording.

Perks of using the Voicemeeter Banana are :

  • Audio mixer lets you adjust the audio at both the levels, i.e. the output as well as the input.
  • Adjusting the app’s settings in the Master’s section is quite easy 
  • The universal virtual Audio device allows you to connect everything easily and create a crisp and distortionless sound
  • It’s donationware, i.e. you can pay any amount for this software or not pay at all. 

This is unquestionably a great option which is too good to be available for free.

Room EQ

This a free Windows 10 equalizer that helps you measure and inspect room and loudspeaker reflexes. Let’s quickly check the perks of using Room EQ equalizer:

  • Room acoustics and audio performance are accurately analyzed at a fast pace.
  • Offers a real-time analysis up to 1/48th octave resolution
  • Frequency-dependent windowing is available
  • Easy to display the impulse responses with the help of an octave or 1/3rd octave filters

Cons of using Room EQ :

  • Certain room EQ solutions tend to cut off notes quite early trying to correct for impulse responses. However this might result in an unnatural-sounding audio.

PC Equalizer

The tool allows you to filter audios quickly and effortlessly. It is yet another spectacular option when it comes to choosing an equalizer, the easy to use GUI(Graphical User Interface) being one of the major reasons for the same.

Perks of using PC Equalizer:

  • The PAN processing feature allows  easy expansion or contraction of the stereo
  •  Allows you to create a wide range of Echoes, Reverb and Delay with its multi-delay feature
  • The automatic appearance of various presets while the user is controlling the equalizer adds makes it more easy and quick to alter the audios.

It is indeed a great option when it comes to choosing an equalizer Windows 10.

Wavepad Audio

This is yet another Equalizer Windows 10 which allows you to modify and record various types of audios available for both Windows and macOS.

Perks of using Wavepad Audio are:

  • Offers a wide range of Audio effects- amplification, normalization, reverb, echo, etc.
  • Supports multiple audio file formats-MP3, WAV, VOX, WMA, GSM
  • Allows you to apply the effects and transfigure thousands of files as a single function owing to its Batch Processing feature
  • Audio can be edited from your video files as well
  • Noise removal due to the audio restoration feature allows it to create audios with terrific sound quality.

Ear Trumpet

This equalizer Windows 10 is used for advanced volume controls. 

Perks of using EAR TRUMPET are:

  • It is available for free
  • Supports moving apps amidst several playbook devices
  • Offers classic and modern volumes
  • Comes with the Feedback Hub 

This is yet another marvellous option to enjoy the exceptional quality of  audios on your PC.

Breakaway Audio Enhancer

This Windows 10 equalizer enhances the audio experience most dramatically. Let’s directly dive into the perks of using Breakaway Audio equalizer windows 10:

  • Offers audio control overmusic, videos, web browsers, and games
  • Volume dynamics can be adjusted automatically
  • Music’s spectral balance is restored with Multi-band dynamics processing
  • Provides distortion-free ephemeral

This app is available for a free trial period of 30 days after which you ought to pay 29.95$ to continue using it.

These are 12 of the BEST Windows 10 equalizers for your PC available in the market.

So far all the software that we had discussed are for the entire system’s audio enhancement, however, if upgrading the online audios (say YouTube or browser sounds) is what you are aiming to achieve then you can switch to using the Google Chrome extensions which can help you modify audios online. Such extensions are of great help while you’re experiencing a low sound while streaming videos online.

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