Best Phone Tracker Apps for Android

A lot of children spend loads of time on their mobile phones. Mobile phones allow them to do almost everything they like to do. They can socialize with friends and make new friends online. Get entertainment from social media, watch movies on Netflix, and play mobile games on their phones. All the features baked into their mobile phones make them almost inseparable from their mobile phones. 

The problem with mobile phones is that while kids can have a swell time, it is also possible to have a traumatic experience. They can be targeted by bullies, fraudsters, and other kinds of terrible people. It is therefore important to keep an eye on the phone activity of your kids. 

You may also want to monitor your partner’s Android phone to root out evidence of cheating. Phone tracker apps will also help you do this. The best apps to carry out monitoring activities on Android phones are examined below. 

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Best Phone Tracker Apps for Android

  1. uMobix

If you are on the lookout for the best phone tracker app for Android, you cannot get anything better than the uMobix Android tracker. It has excellent compatibility and will work seamlessly on any Android device you may want to track. Prepping this Android tracker can be done in three easy steps. The first step is to register for a uMobix account. Here you choose a subscription plan, the monthly one for $49.99, the quarterly one for $83.99, or the yearly one for $139.99. Once you are done registering, you install the uMobix app on your target device. The last step is to start monitoring. This can be done through your dashboard which you can access with any internet-enabled device. 

uMobix Android tracker allows you to monitor phone calls as well as SMS messages on your target device. The call monitoring feature reveals to you the full call history of the target device. You can also view timestamps as well as the frequency of calls. Additionally, you’d have access to the full list of contacts saved on the device. These phone tracking features can be useful in helping you figure out who your partner or child spends time talking to on the phone. The SMS monitoring feature on the other hand lets you read full SMS conversations on your target device. Just like with the call monitoring feature, you get timestamps so you can know what time the messages were sent or received. Both call monitoring and SMS monitoring tools enable you to block numbers of dangerous individuals. This will prevent those individuals from being able to reach the target device via call or text. 

You can also track your target’s location using this Android tracker. You can do this using either the GPS or the audio and video stream features. The video and audio stream features can help you identify a location with sights or sounds that you are already familiar with. It works by sending a recording taken through the camera or microphone on the target device. This gives you an idea of where your target is at any point in time. The GPS feature gives you the location of the target device using GPS coordinates and a map. You can see exactly where your target is on the map. You also get to view a list of locations that your target has visited. The GPS feature enables you to view your target’s location while the video and audio stream help you get an idea of what is happening in that location.

With this Android tracker, you can also monitor social media accounts. It can be used to monitor over 30 different social media and instant messaging apps. You can monitor Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook, and many other social media apps using the uMobix Android tracker app. 

  1. Hoverwatch

This Android tracker offers great features such as call and SMS tracking. You can also track your target’s location using this Android tracker. 

Hoverwatch Android tracker also gives you the ability to monitor your child’s internet activity. Using this feature enables you to see all the websites they visit on their Android device. This is an important feature that lets you chaperone your child’s web activity and prevents them from visiting inappropriate websites with content that is not fit for them. 

Hoverwatch Android tracker installs stealthily on your target device so that they have no idea that they are being monitored. You can also use this Android tracker app to listen in on conversions your child or partner makes on the phone. Hoverwatch Android tracker automatically records all calls made or received on the target device and stores the recording to your dashboard where you can access them at any convenient time. The Hoverwatch Android tracker costs $49.95 for a monthly subscription. 

  1. Spyzzz

This is another great Android tracker app that can be used to keep an eye on your child or partner. It has great features which enable you to monitor virtually every use of their Android phone. It has a call monitoring feature that allows you to know who they speak to on the phone as well as an SMS monitoring feature to view their text messages even if they delete them. The Spyzzz Android phone tracker app also gives you the ability to spy on emails. 

You can also use the control features to exert some form of control over the target device. These features include the ability to prevent calls from specific numbers from being received. The same can be done for text messages. You can also use this Android tracker app to block certain websites from being accessed on the device. You also have the option to block internet access altogether. You can view all the apps installed on the device and also the amount of time spent using each of these apps. You can then go on to block access to some of the apps. You can even delete an application if you feel your child should not have access to it. You have the option to lock down the device so that it is completely unusable until you unlock it. 

You can make use of the GPS monitoring feature of this Android tracker to get the location of your target on a map. This puts an end to situations where your child or partner tells you they are going to one place while secretly going to another place. You can get access to the Spyzzz Android tracker via a $9.99 monthly subscription. 


Parents need to have some idea of what their kids do on their Android phones and this has been made easier with apps such as uMobix that enable you to track your kid’s phones remotely. This way you can protect your children from the evils of the internet. These apps enable you to track your kid’s locations, monitor their social media accounts along with many other features. 

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