Battle between Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy

You might have kept your hands on the screens of Apple iPad but now it is time to mingle with more powerful tablet PC than iPad. Yes!, Samsung has recently introduced a new slate called Samsung Galaxy to compete the Apple iPad. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is a 7-inch slate which is powered by Android 2.2 operating system. It is compact enough to fit into pocket, yet large enough to make viewing pleasant, it is 0.84 pound unit which is very comfortable to hold in single hand where iPad goes 1.5 pound.

Samsung Galaxy slate looks more stylish and less clunky than other off-brand slates as well as iPad. Its Super VGA, 1024-by-600-pixel TFT display appears bright and viewable at any angle. Samsung claims that its display has a better viewing angle and contrast ratio than the iPad’s higher-resolution screen. We can ?nd a rear-facing 3.2-megapixel camera and a front-facing 1.3-megapixel camera, plus a camcorder for video chat. The tab has a proprietary charger port like the iPad and the 4000-mAh battery which can provide 7 hours of video, according to Samsung. In addition to a 1Ghz hummingbird processor, the tab has two SIM slots, a 3G radio for data connections, Wi-Fi and dLnA support, 16GB of storage, and a MicroSD slot for expanding storage to up to 32GB.

Samsung Galaxy supports Adobe Flash 10.1 and Microsoft’s Play-Ready. The following table gives you the full information on Galaxy compared to iPad.


  1. Well may be in future Galaxy Tab will be famous more than Apple iPad. But as we all know that Apple iPad is quite good.

  2. Galaxy Tab has no comparison with iPad. Even the latest sales figure, 17 November 2010, has clearly indicated that there are no much buyers for Galaxy Tb. As a a result Samsung has cut down its current production of Tb by 60%. An excellent article at - 3 Straight Questions before you buy Galaxy Tab - is a synopses negative avlue addition of such device.

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