Applying Web Technology for Boosting Business Online

When advertising products and services online, businesses need to understand the dynamic nature of the World Wide Web. It is important to create Web pages that are versatile enough to be viewed on different devices. Therefore, responsive Web design, or RWD, has to be properly integrated into the creation or update of a site. RWD mostly focuses on optimizing pages for mobile devices running on operating systems that are completely different than those for desktop computers. Responsive pages are automatically scaled down to the appropriate screen resolution and aspect ratio based on the hardware that’s detected when a user visits a site.

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Backward compatibility is also an important component of modern website development. It’s important for businesses to create content that could be viewed by older versions of Web browsers. In fact, some operating systems don’t allow users to upgrade beyond a certain edition of a browser. In a sense, such people are stuck with software that has become outdated in a fast-paced IT age.

Certain content on websites should also be backward compatible with some outdated versions of software that’s used to read files or play animations and other interfaces. For example, PDF readers are extremely useful in reading digital documents. Flash players allow website visitors to view motion pictures and other animated graphics. A website should ideally redirect visitors to official links that have free upgrades to important Web applications. Otherwise, businesses might lose some customers who are unable to view content because of some technical glitches with the Web browser.

Companies should realize that stale websites tend to get penalized by search engines. It is very important to update Web pages frequently with fresh content that includes posts, articles, images and videos. Updating a site is considered to be an effective organic search engine optimization technique that does not cost any money. This is a long-term strategy that should be applied by businesses operating high-quality websites for promotional and sale purposes.

Every year or two, a company’s website should be thoroughly audited by digital marketing specialists who understand search engine optimization. Complex algorithms on search engines change frequently, and they might upgrade or relegate the ranking of websites based on such automated code. SEO auditing analyzes all aspects of a website that gain points with search engine optimization ranking systems. Such services are quite affordable compared to thorough search engine optimization for a brand-new website. An IT guru such as Brent Franson and other businessmen are examples of search engine optimization specialists.

It’s important to realize that traditional SEO is not the same for mobile devices. Web pages that are optimized for smartphones and tablets might need to contain modified HTML and CSS code. Additionally, HTML meta tags for mobile pages usually contain much less content compared to tags that define pages for desktop browsers. A website should be thoroughly analyzed by a programmer who is fluent in Java, Objective-C, C++ and other scripts used for mobile development. Failing to upgrade a website to the proper mobile code could result in a loss of customers especially smartphone users. A company that relies heavily on doing business online should also invest enough money on reliable Web hosting services that minimize down time.

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