The Android Spy Software that has it all, and then some

If you happen to be looking for Android spy software then look no further. StealthGenie can be the perfect app for you.  It’s simple and straightforward with some really useful features. Moreover it takes Android spying to a whole new level by giving you access to a wide variety of features.

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Following are the features that are offered by StealthGenie:


You have the ability take a look at the call history as well as the option to record calls.


Ability to view all incoming and outgoing messages may not be much of a big deal, but additionally you can set trigger words and get alerts when a SMS containing those words is sent or received.

Record Surroundings

StealthGenie allows you to start a hidden recording program inside the targeted device so that you are able to listen in to what’s happening around the person you are spying on.


You will be able to access sent and received emails along with being able to set trigger words and trigger email addresses so you get alerted whenever those words or email addresses are used.

Contacts and Appointments

Likewise you will be able to view all saved contacts and any appointments made including their details.

Photos, Videos, and Audio

In short, all the multimedia files will be at your disposal.

Browsing History and Bookmarks

Browsing history can tell a lot about a person, and not just that but along with bookmarks you will be able to tell if your employees are working or just browsing the internet on company time.

Instant Messengers

A number of spy software fail to take instant messengers in consideration, they make for a large percentage of how people communicate which is why if you use StealthGenie you will get access to WhatsApp conversations.

Geo Location Tracking

Like most spy apps, StealthGenie also offers real time location tracking so you are aware of the whereabouts of the person. It even stores the historical locations along with the current one.

Security and Remote Access

With StealthGenie you are able to lock the phone as well as delete all the data on it. You can even turn on trigger alerts to inform you if the SIM has been changed, as well as all the apps that have been installed on the device.


Using StealthGenie you will be able to configure various kinds of alerts for certain calls, contacts, SMS, certain words, emails, banned location alerts, and SIM change alerts as well. This helps in staying updated about the things which you would otherwise have to search.

StealthGenie has some really diverse spying features that make it the perfect Android spy software for home or office use.

It even comes in a number of subscription packages so you can choose which one suits you the best. You can purchase a basic 3 month subscription for as low as $60 and if you want the extra bells and whistles you can keep on adding to that.

The Android Spy Software that has it all, and then some 1
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