Adobe Released New Photoshop 22.0 Featuring Advanced AI-Powered Filters

Adobe released an updated photoshop, version 22.0, with multiple advanced AI-powered features. Many of these features were already publicly shared, while a few new, augmented the list of tools. The ‘neural filters’ as Adobe call them, are the latest vogue Artificial Intelligent features like improved AI edge selection, sky replacement tool, Star of the show, etc. amongst other image-editing tools.

Huge Photoshop Update Adds Neural Filters, Sky Replacement and More
Credit: Adobe

 Adobe Photoshop’s AI neural filters are capable of tweaking age and expressions with a few clicks. The new machine learning tools imbibed in Photoshop are expected to make big wonders. While the world is engrossed in the advancements, that AI is creating around, Adobe took to include the same AI in its app. 

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Photoshop’s new features allow deeper edits, especially to portraits. Smart Portrait Filter is one of the most striking beta filters among others, that enables a 2D photograph of a head tobe post-processed using AI to compute what the face would look like with alternate angles or facial expressions. simple overlays and effects included in the featured filters. Special sliders to alter the facial age, hair thickness, emotions aid in transforming a subject’s age, posture, expressions, and lighting effects, now in photoshop. The newly released filters that add up to 6 beta filters are targeted to future improvements by the company with the user feedbacks. 

Adobe Released New Photoshop 22.0 Featuring Advanced AI-Powered Filters 1
Credits: Adobe

“With GANs, what we’re introducing for the first time, is the capability to generate new pixels,” said Alexandru Costin, VP of Engineering for Adobe Creative Cloud. 

Adobe’s new features enhance the already existing filters in photo-editing, by an amalgam of face segmentation algorithms and generative adversarial networks (GANs) that reduce the time consumed while producing a more realistic output.

The new filters added to Photoshop are trained on tens of thousands of before and after images, indulging it to produce new pixels for various situations. Not only this, the neural filters can additionally evoke new gestures that may not be existing in original pictures, say, a smile that is generated from a GAN can be attached to a subject’s face.

Adobe Released New Photoshop 22.0 Featuring Advanced AI-Powered Filters 2
Credits: Adobe

Adobe has seemingly set up review teams and an AI ethics committee to rigorously test the algorithms every time a major update is made. According to Adobe, one of the biggest challenges and the most sensitive areas is to preserve the skin tone. A very thorough review of every ML feature added to the database is the only go to eradicate the bias issues that can presumably occur.

Some of the neural features that Adobe has instilled into Photoshop are quite not the first ones. They can be spotted on a handful of other platforms already. But it appears that Adobe has taken its time to deliver the best product feature in the arena. Like the Sky Replacement feature that offers at least 25 sky replacements with more personal add-on support, can automatically recognize the sky in the sponsored image and replace it with the desired color and pattern of the sky. As the color of the sky hugely affects the picture, the color of the rest of the image is also accordingly altered by the AI induced neural filter in Adobe. 

Adobe Released New Photoshop 22.0 Featuring Advanced AI-Powered Filters 3
Credit: Adobe

Adobe has taken extra efforts to let the best results reach the users with the help of separate Adobe initiative. This is a new Discover panel delivering Quick Actions made exclusively to enable users to access a range of available image editing effects. This initiative will enable the users to instantly apply the effects with no further diving into Photoshop’s menus.

While the existing concerns regarding the authenticity of images are further augmented with the ever-easing process of photo editing, Adobe openly acknowledges that its software is enabling both artists and bad actors to create manipulated photos. However, Adobe will release a private beta of its Content Authenticity Initiative for Photoshop, addressing this concern. This authenticity initiative will allow creatives to opt into adding certification metadata for their images. This authenticity certification will imbibe all the requisite details to the output, like the producer’s name; a list of edits and activity; and links to original image/images used. The user will be prompted to include the cryptographically signed, permanently attached thumbnail.

Adobe affirmed on its collaboration with Nvidia on these Neural Filters. While they will work on all devices running Photoshop 22.0, there’s a real performance benefit to using them on machines with built-in graphics acceleration. Faster plug-ins, quick pattern creating tools, Roto brush 2 in after effects, Refine hair, object-aware refine mode, Speech-to-text, and Caption workflow, etc. are the added filters that enhance the speed and ease of development and quality of the final product.

Adobe Released New Photoshop 22.0 Featuring Advanced AI-Powered Filters 7
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