A look at Home Security Design Through the Years


Home security was once a safety precaution only the wealthy could use. However, with the rise of the industrial, and now technological revolution, state-of-the-art home security has become not only more effective at preventing and detecting break-ins, but it’s also more affordable. How did the quality go up and price go down? Here’s a look at how home security has changed throughout the years.

Post-War Era

After the WWI ended, there was an upturn in crime, and so the demand for home security began. Paired with this demand were incentives by insurance companies who would lower premiums for homeowners who invested in alarm services.

Of course, in this era, security cameras weren’t ubiquitous with home security. Instead, homeowners would subscribe to a “Door Shaker” service. Door Shakers would visit your home and make sure you had locked the doors and windows at night. More wealthy homeowners, in some instances, had electromagnet security systems that used magnets at doors and windows. Once tripped, the system would set off an alarm.

The Modern Design

The modern design of home security all take inspiration from Marie Van Brittan Brown, who was the first person to utilize a closed-circuit TV system for home security. Of course, her first attempt was, by today’s standards, crude. It utilized four peepholes and one camera that could be positioned in each; the image would display on a TV. She also made a button she could push to open the door, as well as a silent alarm button that would call the police immediately. Brown patented her design in 1966, and it has been the basis for two-way communication surveillance security systems for home and commercial uses ever since, even if the technology has changed.

The Digital Frontier

With the advent of digital technology, the means to achieve new security systems have changed. Now, some home security cameras systems are waterproof, have color night vision capabilities and can connect to your smartphone for convenient viewing. These cameras record in 4K UltraHD, so they capture crisp footage day or night.

Your Needs, Your Choice:

While most home security systems maintain the design and functionality of the homemade security system Marie Brown created, there are also sensor-only security systems available on the market, similar to the electromagnetic ones from the 1950s. No matter what kind of security system you need, chances are the design dates back to the years that directly followed World War I. Of course, the cost of security systems vary and similar to the Door Shaker services of yesteryear, many home security systems require a monthly subscription. However, with the rise of affordable and wire-free security cameras, monthly subscription security systems are not essential for state-of-the-art protection. Before you purchase a security system, identify your needs and the pros and cons of different systems on the market.

A look at Home Security Design Through the Years 1
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