8 Gadgets to Gear You Up for the Winter Months

When the summer passes its longest point and the days start getting shorter, there is only a limited amount of time left to prepare for the winter months. In just a few short months, everything can change. The weather gets more unpredictable, the temperatures drop, and all those warm sweaters come back out of the wardrobe.

Fortunately, there are plenty of neat and nifty gadgets out there that can help you get ready for the hard winter months.

  1. JetBeam Bike Lights

JetBeam travel light techgyo

If you are a keen cyclist, you’ll know that things can get pretty hairy out on the road during winter. The night draws in much quicker and this makes conditions substantially more dangerous. With JetBeam bike lights, it is easy to stay highly visible to cars and other vehicles.


  1. Touchscreen Gloves perfect for Winter Months

touchscreen glove techgyo travel gadget for winter

Just because it’s cold out, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to do everything that you would usually. This includes swiping, calling, texting, and snapping pictures on your mobile phone. While you have to take regular gloves off to do this, touchscreen gloves have a special weave on the inside that allows interaction through the fabric.


  1. Battery Powered Heated Insoles

Battery Powered Heated Insoles

This gadget can be a real lifesaver during those bitter winter days. The insoles slip into a pair of boots or shoes and, once the remote control is activated, they heat up. You can then enjoy cozy, toasty toes for a whopping 14 weeks. Plus, they are water resistant and fully rechargeable.


  1. Palm Sized Heat Banks

These little round heaters are, essentially, like holding a hot potato in the palms, as people used to do many decades ago. Fortunately, technology has moved on leaps and bounds since then and we now have fully formed (if tiny) heat banks that run on rechargeable batteries. They are great for staying warm outside, but they can also be used to quickly dry things like shoes, socks, and gloves.


  1. Commercial Breathalysers

breath analyzers techgyo for winter

The roads can be treacherous in the winter, due to icy and snowy conditions. Keeping a mobile breathalyzer in the car is a good way to tell whether or not you are fit to drive after having had a drink or two. It only takes five seconds to get a result and it could end up saving your life.


  1. Back Up Car Batteries

Back Up Car Batteries techgyo

For around $65-70, you can invest in an emergency car battery. These compact devices are designed to jumpstart a dead vehicle as quickly as possible, even if there are no other motorists around to help. They even come with USB ports, so that you can plug your mobile phone in and get some much-needed juice in an emergency situation.


  1. Hand Warming Computer Mouse

Hand Warming Computer Mouse techgyo for winter

Check out this clever hand warmer and computer mouse combo tool. It works in exactly the same way as a regular mouse, only it lets out small amounts of non-disruptive heat. So, when you’re surfing after dark and the house is cold, at least your fingers won’t freeze up. The level of heat emitted will not interfere with or harm your computer.


  1. Headphone Ear Warmers

Headphone Ear Warmers techgyo for winters

If you can’t bear to be without your favorite tunes, pick up a pair of fluffy headphone ear warmers. They are great for long walks, winter sports matches, and staying warm when it’s cold in the car. They don’t cost much and they can be bought in a wide variety of colors and styles.

8 Gadgets to Gear You Up for the Winter Months 1
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