5 Movies to Inspire You As An Entrepreneur

It is said that movies are a better way to get inspiration. And is said rightly, search for all the trends going on currently somehow they will be connected to movies or to that industry. Same as that, these five movies will not only keep you motivated but will also keep the spark alive to make your dream come true and will keep on hammering “TO GO ON

movies to Inspire Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs always have a hard time during a startup or time of recession, the pressure to perform is literally overwhelming. A little push or motivation is a must for them, rejections and failures can dishearten you but it shouldn’t demotivate you. Watch these five movies in that time and you will definitely feel good.


This movie is an exceptional display of leadership and a streak to make best of what you have got. No matter how bad the circumstances may seem, the key is to hold on.

Apart from the stunning performance from Brad Pitt the movie gives you a clear message that “It is not about what you want to make things work but it is all about what you make out of what you got to make things work” don’t get confused, just watch the movie and you will know exactly what I am trying to say. Below is the IMDB link to the movie.



A classic tale of a mind-blowing concept famously known today as FACEBOOK. It is the journey of a boy (Mark Zuckerberg) from Harvard who makes a fiasco at first for fun but then finds a mind-blowing concept and rightly gets rewarded by becoming the YOUNGEST BILLIONAIRE of the world. It teaches all of us that no matter how many times you fail but they all are stepping stones to your glorious journey.

Another thing you need to learn from this movie is how Mark Zuckerberg wanted to keep the experience of the Facebook raw without the interruption of ads. Initially, all you need to do is you need to make a base of happy customers. Learn what they like about your product or service and eliminate things they don’t like, after you are fully satisfied that your service or product is perfect to use and you have a sweet fruit of brand value, then you can focus on profits. Those will be growing and long lasting profits. Learn about the story more by watching it and keep innovating.



It is rightly said it is not always about the money. This movie which is also a true story of Jordan Belfort is a true masterpiece. Apart from all the sultry scenes and drug mania displayed in the film, it is an exceptional example of how money spoils and that an image is all that matters. From a billionaire stockbroker to a motivational speaker and a proven convict the movie has it all and is a must watch for all.

The movie will take you on a roller coaster rides of ups and downs of a businessman, you can learn much from the movie and also learn that the race of earning money is a long race and you lose everything in it. You need to aim for excellence and skill development. The movie also teaches how to carry and motivate a team and how to become a leader. The speeches in the movie are worth your time.



Contradictory to the title of the movie it’s about one of the greatest mind of the century named Steve jobs. The journey of a college drop-out boy who  makes world’s number one valued brand in the world till date, Apple. It is a true inspiration for all the creative people. It’s also for those who have a vision and wish to make the world a better place. The movie prompts to innovate and stick to your plans no matter how stupid it may seem to others. The imitators or your competitors may have successful techniques but you don’t need to follow the same steps. All you need is to make your own path and lead a life of an inspiration. It clearly defines that it is not important that how long you live. It is important that how you live the time you spent on this earth.



Allegedly one of the best films of Will Smith and the epic emotional viewpoint of the plotting of story makes this movie unmatched. A journey of a Father who wants best for his son and also a professional career for a better future. The movie might be emotionally appealing but the way a man handles his personal and professional life becomes the best lesson for all the budding entrepreneur.


So no matter how down you may feel, these movies never fail to treat your mind when it needs positivity at most. Just hang on and no one can snatch the success of your smart work.


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