5 Amazing Things That Indicate Your Wi-fi Router Has A Superpower

A Wi-Fi router is the backbone of your entire internet surfing. In this fast-paced world, with the growing use of technology, a stable connection to the internet is of utmost importance. And it is your wi-fi router that helps you maintain this connection through your work schedules.

wi-fi router

This Wi-Fi router has several functions; it connects your device to the internet. It combines multiple machines (i.e., smartphones, laptops, desktop, tablets, and now, also printers) to the internet and even to one another.

The Wi-Fi uses parts of the IEEE 802 protocol standards, and with different radio technologies determine radio bandwidths. While most of us have been using the Wi-Fi access extensively and are probably reading this through a WiFi network connection, have you ever flipped the router around and tried to explore its other features? Well, if you had wi-fi access, you would know that besides being an average internet provider, your router might have a superpower of its own.

USB port

Most of us are aware of the cloud-based sharing system provided by Google Drive, the Apple iCloud, or just the Dropbox app. But did you know you could use a similar sharing network using your Wi-Fi router? 

The Wi-Fi router usually provides a USB port. When a USB storage drive/device is plugged in to this, the contents it has can be accessed by all devices connected to that Wi-Fi network. Incorporate work-spaces; this kind of sharing system provides secure communication between individuals.

USB port for printers

Instead of using multiple cables entangled with each other to connect all your systems to the printer, you can join the printer to the router’s USB port. With this, the printer can be accessed by all the systems connected to the same Wi-Fi network. 

Malware and spam protection

Your router can also provide you with security online. Some routers include features that are commonly called Unified Threat Management (UTM) gateways. Most devices (whether a smartphone or PC) always require an antivirus, anti-spam, or a filter to block inappropriate content. Although there are some WiFi hacking apps that do impact it. However, a UTM gateway ensures the blocking of this malware before it reaches individual systems to provide double protection against cybercrimes. 

These UTM gateways are either in-built or can be purchased, and provide network encryption. It ensures the information shared between various devices through a particular network is safe from external internet threats. It helps block new local networks from interfering with day-to-day data sharing.

Guest Wi-Fi access

Most routers these days have built-in Wi-Fi access points that provide wireless network connections for PCs and other devices. These Apps use several wireless standards, with IEEE 802. 11a. 802. 11b, and 802. 11g considered being universal, which means that this feature allows multiple devices to be connected to the same WiFi network and share data throughout.

Some routers also include a feature typically known as wireless guest access.

 In Wi-Fi access, the user is allowed to broadcast a separate wi-fi network name (SSID) with security settings different from that of the leading network. Since, in this setting, the two systems are virtually separated, guests cannot see the traffic or access computers on the leading web. 

WPA Enterprise

A Wi-Fi network can be kept considerably secure using a WPA/WPA2 Personal (which uses a PSK or Pre-shared Key). However, for extra protection, consider a WPA Enterprise. In a WPA Personal protection, every system connected to the network uses a standard passphrase, which is pre-shared to everyone.

If this passphrase reaches the wrong person or a device connected to a network through this passphrase is stolen, anybody can connect to the Wi-Fi router (i.e., the same network). Thus, to prevent this, you will have to go through the hassle of changing the passphrase in every previously connected device. 

Thus, a WPA Enterprise feature authenticates individual users to an external server using a unique username and password for each. It also gives every device an encryption key, which ensures the user is unable to see the passphrase once connected. This provides security to passphrases in connected devices and protects the user from dealing with a compromised network.


We use a Wi-Fi router daily. A lot of our work is entirely based on or supported by the internet connection provided by the router. A lot of business firms run their day-to-day tasks using the sharing features of this wireless network. A Wi-Fi router is responsible for the sharing of systems throughout the globe. A small slip in security can result in a massive loss of information. 

Therefore, these routers are designed to provide maximum safety to all its users. These are a few of the five things that indicate that your Wi-Fi router has a superpower; the power to let you share information, keeping in check your Wi-Fi network privacy. Its superpower is that it makes sharing of data quicker and easier without compromising on your security. 

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