5 Technologies Affecting Business Processes

In recent years, the world of doing business has changed and improved significantly thanks to digital technologies. Today, business owners can replace outdated methods with the latest technologies that can increase efficiency in a short time.

Moreover, such companies as Grid Dynamics help business owners implement the most efficient digital technologies without much effort.

In this article, we’ll share 5 digital technologies you can implement today.

Digital assistants

This category includes all technologies that can be trained so that they can communicate with customers through correspondence. Today these include chatbots, voice assistants, and robotics. The value of such assistants lies in the fact that they can process more requests at the same time, and they can also perform their functions 24 hours a day.

business processes

Their advantage is that they can free real employees from performing routine, simple work and devote more time to performing complex tasks for which these assistants are not yet suitable.

According to statistics, in the coming years, such assistants will be able to control more than 90% of conversations with customers.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The essence of this technology lies in the fact that various electronic devices and sensors can interact with each other and transmit various data to each other. This requires only the Internet and cloud storage.

business processes

Often, this technology is used when arranging a smart home so that applications can transfer information to each other and ensure the usefulness of functional processes. Their advantage is that applications can self-regulate and manage many processes. It is expected that in a few years more than half of the processes for businesses will be transferred to the IoT.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the ability of a program to self-learn and analyze data to achieve a specific goal. The fields of application of this technology are extensive. The main thing is to provide a large amount of data for the system and set up algorithms for training. After analyzing the provided data, the trained system will be able to independently make a decision for further actions.

To achieve maximum results and effectively implement this technology, it is worthwhile to draw up a clear plan and set specific goals that must be achieved. This way, you can get effective solutions for your workflows.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Combined with each other, the two types of technologies can significantly improve communication with customers and buyers, improve the experience of working with your company, and also provide fast processing of business processes.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

These digital technologies are already ubiquitous in many areas of activity. In business processes, owners selling cars, houses, plots of land, and various furniture are already using these technologies to show customers how everything can be produced even before the time of manufacture. In the video game industry, virtual reality helps immerse users completely in the game world, where the players are one hundred percent involved in the process.


Blockchain means that both parties have complete information about all payments and transactions. The advantage is that all owners are aware of everything and no party has the right to change any information. Participants can fully trust the information and not give it to other persons for verification.

It is not yet clear when blockchains will be used in various fields of activity, but today they have successfully entered the world of cryptocurrency. Perhaps, in the near future, they can be used in such areas as the sale of real estate, transportation of goods, medical care, and insurance. Most companies are already more than 80% confident that the blockchain provides security and minimizes risks.

Virtual and Augmented Reality


The presented technologies can take your business process experience to a new level. Although the functionality of such technologies is capable of solving monotonous and simple tasks, your employees will be able to take on more complex tasks that trained systems are not yet able to cope with. Already today, a huge number of companies are using these technologies and are convinced of the increase in efficiency from their experience.