5 Quick Ways To Extract Audio From Your Favourite Video

Do you wish to extract audio from your preferred video for fixing audio to your game, advertisement, presentation? Then we are here to give you a simple starting-point to extract your exclusive audio from the video. Check how you can do this on different platforms in the following ways:

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Extract Audio

Extract audio from video using online tools:

The moment you search for extracting audio from video on search engines, you can get a big list of free online tools, among them you can easily dote on ‘Audio Extractor.’ 

It has a straightforward interface with clearly mentioned steps for extracting audio from the video.

Follow these quick steps on the ‘Audio Extractor’ website for successfully retrieving the audio clip.

  1. You need to browse for the desired video.
  2. Choose a suitable audio file format from the options available like mp3, m4a, wav, etc.
  3. Press on the Extract audio button, and within a few seconds, the audio clip is ready to download. 
audio extractor

Use VLC Media Player to extract audio from video infor Windows users:  

VLC Media Player is the free software used to play video and audio files of almost all formats. Still, it can also efficiently convert any video file to an audio file and serve our purpose.

Follow these easy steps to retrieve audio files:

  1. Click on the Media tab and choose Convert/Save option from the list.
5 Quick Ways To Extract Audio From Your Favourite Video 1
  1. Add the video file, which has to be processed. You can also choose the “show more options” box to get the audio clip within a specific timeframe.
  1. Add the directory path where the audio file should be saved and select the format of the desired audio file.

Note: It is essential to encapsulate the file’s name with the format to ensure the audio file plays appropriately. You can click on the wrench icon to do it.

  1. Click on the Start button, and it will save the audio clip in the destination folder.
5 Quick Ways To Extract Audio From Your Favourite Video 2

Quicktime for Mac users:

Quicktime Player gives an easy solution to extract an audio file on a Mac. Please take a look at the detailed steps given below :

  1. Open the video in question in QuickTime Player.
  2. Choose the File option from the menu bar.
  3. Hover on Export As and choose audio only in the pop-up menu.
5 Quick Ways To Extract Audio From Your Favourite Video 3
  1. Name your file, choose the destination folder, and click on the Save button.

Using apps on android, iPhone, iPad:

There are tons of options available on the App Store for file conversion. Out of them, most of the users have agreed upon MP3 Converter- Audio Extractor app. It comes with an elegant, user-friendly interface.

Carry-out below given steps to extract your audio file using MP3 Converter-Audio extractor quickly:

  1. Click on the plus sign to import the video file from iCloud, camera roll, or any other source folder.
  2. After adding the video, click on the convert option.
5 Quick Ways To Extract Audio From Your Favourite Video 4
  1. Choose Default Mode(MP3) option. You can choose other audio formats by clicking on the Advance Mode option. Output Range, Audio samples are few settings you can adjust in Advance mode.
5 Quick Ways To Extract Audio From Your Favourite Video 5

4. Tap on Converted Media to access your audio file.

Limitations: Only a few audio file formats are there in the free version of the above app. You have to pay for advanced features, good quality, and all audio file formats.

Extract audio from video in android without any app/software:

You can quickly convert a video file into an audio file by the following steps:

  1. Browse for the video file from which you want to extract.
  2. Copy the video file and paste it into the desired folder.
  3. Rename video file by filename.mp3. E.g., If your file name is abc.mp4, then rename it to abc.mp3.
  4. That’s it! The audio file is ready to use!


  1. If you want only a part of an audio clip from the video, you have to use external software for it, WavePad audio splitter can be the one.
  2. The sound quality will be average.


Depending on the platform you are working on, you can choose any solution from the above methods to extract the highest quality audio clips quickly.

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