5 Critical Features a VPN Must Have

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    In the late nineties, virtual private networks were used in the international corporations that wanted to protect their data from hackers. However, once our world became digital, single users also became interested in the idea of installing a VPN. 

    At this point, every fourth American uses a virtual private network on a daily basis. A lot of people want to keep their data private, protect themselves from IP address hacking, and possibly access content that is not available in their region. 

    vpn features

    If you don’t have your own virtual private network yet, here is what you need to know in the first place:

    Advantages of using VPN

    Once you install a VPN to your computer and phone, you will be able to access articles and movies from Netflix, BBC, and Youtube that, for some reason, are not available in your country. A quality virtual private network comes in handy in case you travel abroad. 

    When connecting your phone to a VPN, you can use multiple Internet connections at the same time. It will allow you to stream live video on the Internet or have uninterrupted business calls. 

    Also, VPN can help to prevent a ransomware attack. You’d be surprised, but these days a lot of people’s data get stolen. Moreover, hikers can lock your phone and try to extort money from you. According to experts at Security Gladiators, a VPN service can create an encrypted tunnel between your device and a remote server and prevent an attack. 

    Other than that, it is very convenient to use a VPN on your mobile phone while working remotely. In case you need to access or send some confidential files, you can use a virtual private network to prevent leaks. 

    The best thing is that you can use a VPN on many divides simultaneously. Once you find a great deal, you will be able to connect your phone, PC, and tablet without compromising on quality and functionality. Some VPN providers allow connecting up to six devices at the same time. 

    How to choose the best VPN 

    Your ideal VPN provider should have features listed below:

    Strong encryption

    Without powerful encryption, you put your personal data at risk. If you don’t want hackers to steal your personal data such as credit card information or intimate photos, use a VPN that has AES – the encryption standard that is used by Apple, NSA, and Microsoft. The thing is that AES has never been officially broken yet, which makes it the best feature that your VPN provider can offer you.

    Instant customer support chat

    Another critical feature that your virtual private network provider should have is instant customer support chat. You never know when the problem can occur, so email or phone support would not be enough. All professional VPN companies offer customer support 24/7. 

    No log policy

    Every VPN service has its own logging policy. When looking for a VPN provider, make sure to choose the one that has a “no log” policy. Unfortunately, some providers tend to lie about having this feature available. To ensure there are no pitfalls, read the VPN provider’s privacy policy. 

    Router support

    If you don’t want to install a VPN on every single device in your house separately, look for a VPN provider that has router support. This feature will allow you to save some time and prevent data leaks. 

    Integrated kill switch

    You should be aware of possible IP leaks when using a virtual private network. If you don’t want your IP address to be exposed while you are online, choose a VPN provider that has a kill switch. This feature can prevent unencrypted data from being transmitted. In the IT world, it is considered a luxury. Since you are going to pay for your VPN plan some money, you deserve to have the best of the best. 

    Good price 

    As you can understand, there is plenty of available VPN plans these days. Some of them cost nothing literally, but it doesn’t make them better than the other. To the contrary, they might miss some important features listed above. 

    It is recommended to pay upfront for a year plan since some providers can give you some bargain-basement deals for such a commitment. 

    However, if you decide to take this step, make sure to read about all features carefully. Otherwise, you might sign up for something that is not worth it. 


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