5 Construction Tech Tips From The Pros

According to multiple write-ups about the engineering and construction industry, almost 80% of the surveyed engineering and construction businesses said they are planning to invest heavily in digital transformations. 

That will help them complete projects faster and better than their competitors, allowing them to stay one step ahead.

Construction Tech

If your construction business has been falling behind, below are five tips from the pros to help you get it back up again:

Building Information Modelling

Building information modelling software, otherwise known as BIM, is an intelligent 3D model-based software program that allows architects, engineering, and construction management teams to gain useful insight into their projects.

This software lets everyone collaborate and add their part to the project, in 3D-rendered form, which helps weed out any clash points or issues that could arise. The detailed 3D models of structures can then be experimented on, and the designs changed long before the building goes up.


Drones are changing construction projects in the most profitable ways. In the last few years, these techno-buzzers have become one of the most compelling trends in construction.

 Drones have an aerial vantage point advantage and unique data collecting abilities. That makes them a beneficial tool for using on-site


Wearable technology in the field of construction has become a regular occurrence these days. From smart helmets to completely bionic suits – wearables play a massive role in helping construction companies complete their builds smarter and safer.

By using wearables and construction prequalification methods, your construction company can stay ahead of the pack.

Smart vests track an individual worker’s productivity and safety habits, all while increasing their real-time visibility at the site, which makes them invaluable. That is a win-win for any management team. In the next few years, wearables will reshape safety in the construction industry and change how we view things forever.

3D Printing

3D printing can be used in the construction industry to create structural components. One day very soon, entirely 3D printed buildings will be the norm.

This type of technology allows for shorter supply chains and much more efficient build processes. 3D printing also allows miniature versions to be printed for referencing and sales pitches to potential clients.

Smart Buildings

Smart buildings are digitally integrated structures that connect to a combination of operational and safety automation systems to increase productivity and mitigate security risks.

The digital systems used in smart buildings share vital information and report back on any anomalies that could be dangerous or harmful to the building or its occupants. Smart buildings work by using networked sensors. 

Those sensors turn physical actions that occur in the building into digital data that can be monitored by facility managers, at any time of day or night.

To End

Your construction company must grow and evolve with the world around it; that is the only way to guarantee that it has a chance to thrive in our ever-changing global economy. Technology will allow us to build stronger, taller, and more efficient structures than we ever have in the past – this is an exciting time to be alive!

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