4 WordPress Plugins to Avoid Copycats!

avoid blog copyThe real enemies for bloggers are copycats, they not only steal website traffic but also reduce the page ranking of the website which they copy the content from. The plugins you are about read disable the text selection and right clicking.  I know it is not completely possible to prevent the content from being copied but using these plugins we can make process of copying bit difficult.


This plugin is suitable on pages/post content protection. Protect the content from being copied via right click and text selection. It has custom settings panel to setup as per your needs. It is possible to protect a single page/post or overall pages. Installation is simple.



This plugin disable’s selection of text, disables right click (with popup message or without popup message.). According to its author it won’t affect SEO and search engines can read your content without any problem.



CopyLink is a WordPress plugin which places automatic links on text copied from your website. When People share the copied content from your websites and spread it around via email, social media, blogs and other online channels, CopyLink enabled website receives automatic links to pages which was copied from.



This is a basic and simple wp plugin to protect the content on your blog. It disables text copy, image copy and will keep your site out of an iframe.This plugin is clean and easy.



4 WordPress Plugins to Avoid Copycats! 1
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