3 Technologies That All Small Business Owners Should Consider Using 

If productivity is something that you’re struggling with in your small business, you’re not alone. In fact, reports have shown that most small business owners struggle with productivity levels at the start. But as you grow your business and begin perfecting your methods, productivity should also increase. 

But what if, no matter what you’ve done, you’re still struggling with being more productive?

small business tools

No matter the nature of your business, you have access to a large number of tools that can help advance your company and help you to increase productivity. And this all comes in the form of modern technology.

If you’ve been paying attention to tech news in recent years, you probably already know that we’re much more advanced than we were 10 years ago. And this trend of advancement is expected to continue even more rapidly for the foreseeable future. This is great news for business owners across all verticals. 

Here, we’ll explore a few of the top technologies that all business owners should consider if increased productivity is the main goal. 

Enterprise Resource Planning Software 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is one of the best tools a business owner can use for integrating multiple tools for keeping up with daily business tasks. And if you’re using independent software tools for specific jobs, ERP can help you to consolidate all of your tools into one central location.

For example, with using ERP software, you can handle the following processes with relative ease: 

  • Supply chain management 
  • Logistical operations 
  • Procurement 
  • Accounting 
  • Planning 
  • Budgeting 
  • Data analysis 
  • Risk management 
  • Project management 

While you can use ERP solutions for bringing all of your tools into one central location, like all software tools, from time to time you may need help using them or assistance for performing upgrades. For this purpose, experts in ERP tools such as JDE Edwards Consulting can help you with all of your ERP needs for programs such as with EnterpiriseOne or JD Edwards World. 

Scheduling Tools

Most business owners still think they can get by with using a papr calendar or relying on a white board full of sticky notes. However, this practice is as outdated as wooden shoes. 

Research into modern business practices has shown that business owners who implement digital scheduling and task management tools become far more productive than those who don’t. And if increased productivity is a goal of yours, staying on top of task management is going to be the key for meeting this goal. 

Scheduling tools allow for a variety of applications including software that allows for potential employees to schedule interviews, or scheduling meetings and setting alerts to remind yourself or any personnel who may need to attend. In addition, scheduling and task management tools allow you access to real-time information that you’re able to access on any of your devices.

Apps such as Google Calendar or Calendly are both prime examples of scheduling tools that any business owner should be taking advantage of if keeping up with productivity is something that’s caused a bit of a headache. 

AI for Marketing 

If you’re tired of trying to create customer profiles that may or may not assist you in targeting a specific customer group, the world of artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way and can help you with your productivity when it comes to marketing. 

In 2022, AI is no longer a topic reserved for tech nerds or science fiction buffs. And even though AI is alive and well in today’s world, you don’t need to worry about computers taking over the world, at least not yet. 

AI marketing tools are everywhere today, and if you want to see better results in your marketing campaign, using AI to help target customers and keep track of buying trends is a viable strategy. In fact, most marketing companies use different types of AI driven tracking tools in order to focus on driving results. 

The days of painstakingly crafting clunky customer profiles are quickly dying away as AI has moved into the mainstream. And as a small business owner, keeping up with changing consumer trends and habits can be a difficult process without the help of AI at your side. 

No matter what type of business you’re running, productivity directly relates to your bottom line. And if you’re hoping to generate more revenue (as all business owners are) then implementing the tools to help you increase productivity is going to be one of the best decisions that you’ll ever make as a small business owner. 

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