16 new tips to enhance your iPad experience

Well we know you love your iPad and maybe you might have recently got a new one, the latest fourth gen iPad and you might be pretty happy with what you can do with your Tablet but as always we are here to enhance your experience with your devices as we bring you some great tips for your new iPad, to be more specific 16 of them. There are many advanced features in the iOS that seem hidden from a casual user but we are here to your help.


These tips will surely improve your tablet computing experience even further.  It covers the basics from copy and pasting to multitasking. So without wasting time lets go in detail of the 16 new tips for your new iPad:

  • With the new iPad you can easily rearrange your homescreen by holding down the application icons, you can move them wherever you like and you can even one of them into another to make a folder, you can rename the folder to the name you want.
  • You can split the keyboard on the iPad by just stretching it side by side and it allows it easier to type in landscape mode and mainly for portrait mode.
  • You can add the emoji keyboard which can be found under settings>general>keyboard>international keyboards> add a keyboard where you can find the emoji keyboard which is a great feature for people who are addicted to chatting. What the emoji keyboard allows you to do is add things such as clipart to your iMessages, notes or even your Facebook or Twitter status.
  • You can select a word to copy from anywhere by just holding the word which gives you the options needed for selecting and copying.
  • In Safari, Google offers a keyword search bar in the upper right hand corner which can search the keyword you want anywhere on the open webpage. While surfing, if you double tap, it will always bring you to the top of the webpage.
  • When you double tap the home button, it shows you the recent apps you’ve opened in the order of the apps you’ve used last and lets you switch between them which is quite convenient for multitasking.
  • You can also use gestures for multitasking, such as four fingers on the screen swipe to the right or the left which allows you to browse through the apps you’ve opened simultaneously. You can also use the four finger swipe up to bring up the multitasking bar at the bottom.
  • Well we’re sure your iPad is pretty personal to you as it loads much of your information on it and it is always better to have it secure with a passcode which you can always remember. You can to setting>general and then passcode to setup a passcode, there is also a option to erase all the data if one enters wrong passcode for consecutive ten times which will  surely protect your data from those who are trying to break into your iPad to get sensitive data of yours.
  • We know users like to customize their homescreen on their iPad. Although iOS doesn’t really offer much of a customization option but you can set the wallpaper according to your need. You can google any particular image you like and can hold the image which will give you the save image option then you can go to the settings>Brightness & Wallpaper and  then select the camera roll and select the image you just saved and use it as the wallpaper for either your lockscreen or homescreen or both.
  • You can double tap the home button, which brings the multitasking bar at the bottom and then scroll through the left to AirPlay your Apple TV  or strem your  YouTube videos.
  • You can also lock your iPad into portrait or landscape mode by scrolling through left on the multitasking  bar and hitting the lock button, you can unlock the same by hitting the same button again.
  • You can listen to the sound of the YouTube video with the new iPad in the background while doing the other tasks. While playing the video, you can press the home button which stops the video and from there you can open the multitasking bar and scroll over and click the play button which continues to play the sound of the video in the background.
  • Screenshots can be really useful and you can easily take screenshots with your iPad, what you need to do is just press hold the home button and the lock sleep/wake button and it will take a photo of the screen at the  time.
  • You can add shortcuts to the homescreen like you put your favorite website on the homescreen by clicking on the upper left button which will give you options to add it as a bookmark or add it to the homescreen which makes it pretty easy to go to the website quickly.

Well these are the 16 new tips for your iPad. We’ll surely bring you more so stay tuned and enjoy using your iPad. You can also watch the video to get the visual look at these tips

16 new tips to enhance your iPad experience 1
Rupesh Sinha
+Rupesh is an avid mobile geek, a Nokia fan by heart although love Android because it appeals to the geek in him. Apart from phones, he loves music and is a foodie. Now a high time tech writer and reviewer, along with a daytime engineering student.

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