10 Master’s Degrees That Can Help Land You a Tech Job

When you are looking to land a job in the tech sphere, it helps to have the correct qualifications. As a result, it might be a smart idea to return to college in order to give yourself the leg up that you need. The tricky part might be knowing which qualifications can be more suitable than others. The good news is that you are in the right place as this guide has been especially created in order to lay out ten different master’s degrees that you can pursue that can help you to land a tech job, as well as the average starting salary for graduates. If you are interested in learning more, then it is definitely recommended to read this guide which has been created for you below. Take a look now to get the full overview. 


Master’s in Business Administration 

Average Starting Graduate Salary: $100,000 per year 

As the name suggests, the much-vaunted MBA, the likes of which has skyrocketed in popularity recently as a result of people looking to retrain during the disruption of the coronavirus pandemic, is one of the most sought after degrees due to the ways that it teaches people all they need to know about how to run a modern business. While this could be applied to any business, these are particularly useful skills when moving within the fast-paced tech industry. 

Master’s in Computer Science 

Average Starting Graduate Salary: $101,00 per year

If you are looking to have a comprehensive understanding of how technology works in the modern-day and age, then it is a truly great idea to pursue a master’s in computer science. There are so many online options that you can choose from today. Whether it’s database management, cloud computing, machine learning, and AI — which has changed today’s world — or other topics entirely, a master’s in computer science can set you up with the tools you need in order to land the top jobs. 

Master’s in Data Science 

Average Starting Graduate Salary: $130,000 

Data has become one of the most important resources in the world due to the many use cases that it can provide across a whole variety of industries. It’s worth becoming acquainted with the possibilities available in data science if you want to make sure that you land a tech job. An even better idea is to take an especially dedicated course. If you are interested in learning more, then why don’t you online master degree programs in data science today?

Master’s in Bioinformatics 

Average Starting Graduate Salary: $85,000 

Bioinformatics combines both biological knowledge with the possibilities found in computer science and, more specifically, programming. This means that if you are someone who wants to work within the health-tech field and to get paid rather well in the process, taking a master’s in bioinformatics might be one of the best choices that you can make. 

Master’s in Marketing 

Average Starting Graduate Salary: $68,000 

No matter what product you might be involved in creating, the tech industry needs people with the marketing expertise in order to be able to make sure that the power of a product is communicated in the right way. With a master’s in marketing, you would be armed with the tools to bring and communicate the vision of a company in an accurate way. 

Master’s in Healthcare 

Average Starting Graduate Salary: $115,000 

The tech industry has a lot of applications in healthcare, meaning that you can always study for a master’s in healthcare while having one eye on a tech-minded career. This means that you could think about launching your own product as well as whether you could have a position in product development within a large tech firm. Simply put, the sky is the limit when you have a master’s in healthcare. 

Master’s in Engineering 

Average Starting Graduate Salary: $110,000 

Just like a master’s in healthcare, there are a lot of non-tech roles out there for people who have a master’s in engineering, but the skills that you learn in such a degree are definitely applicable to the world of technology, especially when it comes to testing, developing, and designing products while making sure that they are fit for purpose. 

Master’s in Technology Management 

Average Starting Graduate Salary: $120,000 

A technology management degree is an incredibly useful one because it not just allows you to learn about the types of technologies that could shape the world today but blends that within a business framework, giving you the combination of skills that could definitely come in handy when finally applying for a variety of tech-based roles. 

Master’s in Information Technology 

Average Starting Graduate Salary: $87,500

The IT sector is constantly growing, especially given the multifaceted challenges that are facing the business world today. This means that if you have a master’s in information technology, you will be more than likely to be able to land a high-paying job with relative ease. 

Master’s in Robotics 

Average Starting Graduate Salary: $115,000 

Robotics is such an exciting and ever-growing field, with the full potential of these types of applications still left thrillingly unexplored. By studying robotics in a master’s degree, you will quite literally be understanding the technologies that will have the potential to change the future. 


It has been the aim of this guide to give you the essential overview when it comes to the types of master’s degrees that can have a direct influence on your aspiring tech career. It goes without saying that this list is just a small taster of the types of degrees that can help you in your future endeavors, whether or not they are very specialized or they give you the broad skills to work within such an industry. It always helps to do some of your own independent learning to see which degree could be the best option for you. Good luck on your search to find the tech role of your dreams. 

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