10 Amazing EPUB Readers for Windows 10

Spending on Kindle and tablets for eBooks has gained lot popularity among readers. If you are looking for alternatives to save some money, then you have come to right place. Electronic publication has surely saved a lot of efforts to buy or lend books and environment too.

There is some software specifically designed for reading electronic publication which works similar to kindle. You might not get the reading experience like that of a tab unless you have a convertible laptop. But this surely saves you some bucks which you can use to buy a new book in your collection.

Here are some epub reader windows enlisted below you might want to try:


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This software has earned some extremely good reviews. Calibre, is easy to use with a minimal design. It is powerful in terms of both e-book manager and reader. Epub readers can gel well with this software even the casual or new reader and experts of computer. This software is completely free to download and open source. Calibre is in this field from a very long time and does its work perfectly. It enables you to manage your e-book library, access it from anywhere using any device, share and maintain a back-up of your collection with ease, view major e-book formats, etc.

Apart from all this epub readers can easily convert their books to different formats. It not only supports you to read eBooks, but accompanies you to read comics, magazines, news etc. Recently, they launched the newer version of Caibre Version 3.21 which has many new features like, metadata editing from the page of book details, suing web-interface to add or delete books, etc.

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Windows Vista

Download: Calibre

  1. Adobe Digital Editions:
Adobe Digital Editions
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Unlike the other Adobe softwares, luckily this software is free! Adobe is a major part of lives of creative minds, be it editing videos, graphic designing or book readers for that matter etc. Adobe has launched the version 4.5.7 recently. Adobe Digital Edition (ADE) is used majorly by publishers for proof reading their books. Downloading this software will provide you with the optimum support for a good reading experience.

ADE has a Android and iOS application as well! You can read your downloaded/ purchased books both online and offline. Epub readers can easily download and transfer eBooks to their different devices; once you download an eBook in your account the book will load to each of your devices which have access to your account automatically. Also, you can avail feature like printing any eBook, you can access e-books in various file formats (EPUB, EPUB3, and PDF), alter the size of the document and text in various formats, organize your library by making specific bookshelves and section them as titles, author and publisher, etc.

However, for downloading free books you need to go the official page Adobe Digital Edition and download eBooks from the sample ebook library , which takes up some part of your time.

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Windows Vista, Mac OS, Android and iOS.

Download: Adobe Digital Edition

  1. Freda:
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Freda is developed by Turnipsoft. Freda looks like relative of Windows 10, which is available in the Microsoft Store.  As I stumbled across the Microsoft store, it has been rated with 4.4 stars. This depicts that it is very reliable. Epub readers can read more than 50,000 public domain classic books without any additional charges from Feedbooks, Gutenberg and other on-line catalogs. What I liked the most about Freda is unlike the boring white page and black text format of books, this app has a default reading format with a black background and white text. This makes it very mess free and is easier to read.


Being a non-reader, I felt like reading few books in it. Its interface persuades one to read those books.  Where in ADE downloading ebooks takes up some time with the process, in Freda epub reader windows 10 can directly download eBooks from the list it showcases in the homepage itself. It is very comfortable experience to read books even on PC. Epub readers can access this app on PC, mobile devices, and hololens as well. This epub reader windows 10 comes with features like, it can work with Calibre ebook library manager, has included a setting for dyslexic-friendly reading (OpenDyslexic font is also inuded), provides you with choices to customize the text layout and appearance, etc.

Compatinility: Windows 10, 8.1 (ARM, X86, 64)

Download: Freda

  1. Icecream eBook Reader:
Icecream EPub Reader
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Icecream apps introduce themselves with the tagline ‘free and tasty software’. The epub reader windows 10 software which they have designed is completely free and very easy to use. It levels up your reading experience with its simple and easy to use interface. This EPub reader has a good presentation aon with some interesting features.

This epub reader windows 10 supports ebooks in the format of EPUB, FB2, MOBI, PDF, CBR, CBZ and TXT. You can manage your ebook collection in FB2, EPUB, PDF, MOBI and other additional formats. Just like a physical book, you can check out the number of pages you have left to read and go back to the page where you paused reading. Epub readers also have the facility to search the books by the name of the author or the title. One can add notes using the Annote tool or hightlight the desired text using this tool. Interestingly, you can transform your screen mode to full-screen, night mode or into book mode which will make your screen feel like an actual book.

This epub reader windows 10 software enables epub readers with many other features which surely makes it a tasty software in terms of the features you can use. You might want to give this a try!

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Windows Vista

Download: Icecream eBook Reader, $19.5 (for the pro version)

  1. Cover:
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Cover epub reader windows 10 was originally designed for reading comic books on your Windows desktop. Since, this application supports epub formats it paved its way to this list. Most importantly, since this epub reader windows 10 is designed to read comics it can easily support reading books with high-quality images. The other EPub readers can take up image containing ebooks but not as positively as Cover can.

However, epub readers have to install the comic books or regular from the sites and then import it to the application to read them. It does not provide a direct access to download ebooks/comics. It has a beautiful UI which epub readers will surely enjoy. Cover epub reader windows 10 supports a variety of file formats and can be connected to Dropbox and OneDrive. Moreover, it synchronizes with your folder or drive in order to keep your eBook collection updated. It features many other features like detailed ebook library management, reading at your comfort with the flexibility to change settings like single/dual page, cropping, fit width/height/page, background color, night mode etc.

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8 (ARM, x86, x64)

Download: Cover

  1. Kobo eBooks:

Kobo epub reader windows 10 is a bit similar to Kindle. This company has its own ebooks reading tablet similar to Kindle. However, Kindle has its own limitations of supporting Epub. Whereas, Kobo supports both the  EPub and EPUB 3 formats. You can purchase and read your favourite eBooks utilizing this application. This application encourages you to read from where you left. Epub readers can search their desired EBooks using titles, author, series or ISBN. Moreover you can save your storage space and still manage your ebook collection with ease. Epub readers have the option to customise their reading comforts by setting up font size, font style, margins, adjusting the spacing as per their interests, etc.

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8 (ARM, x86, x64)

Download: Kobo eBooks

  1. Nook:
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Nook epub reader windows 10 is developed by the bestsellers Barnes and Nobles. Just like Kobo, you can buy and read your eBooks with this epub reader windows 10 application. This app features a section called ‘B&N readouts’ where epub readers can read one chapter everyday from the book the app showcases. You can also customize your reading space by adjusting font sizes, margins, line spacing, background color, etc. Nook epub reader windows 10 is inclusive of features like adding notes, bookmarks, and highlights as you read and sharing the favourite highlights with your friends on social media. Managing your eBook collection according to your way; customized library management is also available. You can avail many more feature using this application which will surely hep your enhance your reading experience.

Compatibility: Windows 10,8.1,(x86), Android and iOS

Download: Nook

  1. Bibliovore:

Bibliovore is another epub reader windows 10 which is free to download and exceptionally good in its work. It is a just like a regular EPUB reader and your library manager. This reader has some real good skills for organizing even a large collection of eBooks. You can throw as many as eBooks in it, it will not disappoint you! You can access features like editing the metadata, day/night mode for reading, reading themes can be managed, moreover it can synchronise with all the books in your devices using OneDrive form this epub reader windows 10.

Supported Platforms: Windows 10, 8.1, 8 (x86, x64)

Download: Bibliovore

  1. Bookviser:
Image Courtesy: Windows Central

Bookviser epub reader windows 10 is actually a wise eBook reader. If you are looking for an app which gives you the feeling of traditional way of reading the book (reading a physical book), then Bookviser is a great choice. This epub reader windows 10 has been designed in a manner which will not make you miss a book in your hand while reading. If you don’t mind having a normal epub reader then you can change the settings and enjoy it your way. Bookviser allows you to download free classics from Feedbooks, Project Gutenberg, and Smashwords, similar to Freda. The other features of epub reader windows 10 are progress tracking (you can check the number of pages left to read and continue reading from the place you stopped), support for dictionary, themes can be set, etc.

Compatibility:  Windows 10, 8.1, 8 (ARM, x86, x64), Windows Phone

Download: Bookviser

  1. EPub Reader:
EPub Reader
Image Courtesy: EPub Reader (Microsoft Store)

This epub reader windows 10 is a paid application. It is pretty easy to read eBooks on Windows desktop using this reader. It assists epub readers to download ebooks from personal and preconfigured sources, easy to manage your collection, keeps track of your reading progress, and many others. It has a unique ability which allows you to transfer the whole library to a SD card or OneDrive. It doesn’t let your storage space clog. You can easily store a large number of books without being worried about the storage space.

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8 (ARM, x86, x64)

Download: EPub Reader for $2.49 (INR 164)


Let us know your favourite epub reader windows 10 in the comments below! And let us know the EPub readers which you have tried.

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