Tuesday, July 23, 2019

10 Amazing Custom ROMs You Can Install in Androids

ROM surely means Read Only Memory but Custom ROM is different and can be confused with the term ROM simply. It is related to the firmware of the phone which has its roots coming from the android platform that Google has created. You must be well aware of the fact that the OS you are using is a part of ROM. Although very few might know that, there are a lot of customizations available when we refer to this subject.

It is very important that you know the process of installing custom thoroughly otherwise it can lead to unwanted problems in your device’s system. Go through the brief guide mentioned below before reaching out to the list of custom ROM.

How Custom ROM can help you?

If you are a person who loves to have your own logo on your phone’s interface as you switch on your phone or any other functionality which you want to add in your phone’s overall UI or device then ‘Custom ROM’ plays a huge role in it. I hope this might have cleared a lot of doubts you might have had in the beginning.

How to Install a Custom ROM?

There are two methods of installing a custom ROM:

1.PC Method (this method is not used that much now-a-days)

2.From your Handset using the Custom recovery –

This method is less time consuming and helps you get your work done. Custom Recovery works in your phone using the present ROM as its basis. Installing custom recovery is a must before getting started with the Custom ROM.

There is no particular method of installing a custom recovery for each device. Each device has its own process. You can ask Google how to install custom recovery by putting your phone’s model number. However the method of installing custom recovery is easy so, you need not worry. Make sure you create a backup of your files as the process might lead to data loss.

Below are mentioned are some Custom ROMs which work amazingly. But to avoid problems in your device please check their compatibility with your handset before-hand. All the below mentioned ROMs you need to do some homework by installing some Gapps for instance BeanGapps or OpenGapps.

Let’s hop on to the list of these custom ROMs below:


LineageOS, was well known as CynogenMod. In 2016, Cynogen announced its fall and had to shut down. Although, it continued few of its projects under the name of LineageOS. It has the utmost capability to customize your ROM. It is built on the roots of Google’s ASOP Code to which they add their codes to customize it.

Lineage OS
Image Courtesy : MI Community

Lineage OS is the most trusted developer team in terms of custom ROM and supports more than 100 devices. It comes with a lot of important features like improvising the status bar, the theme can be changed, the navbar can be edited and many other interesting features. As Google’s ASOP plays the backbone here, the LineageOS provides customization as well as balancs the stability of the device.

It supports devices running on Android version of Nougat and Marshmallow the Oreo version is soon to be launched. Handsets by Samsung, OnePlus, Htc, LG, Motorola, Xioami etc can use this ROM efficiently.

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If you are looking for minimal yet productive type of ROM customisation for your handset then this is the one for you. The SlimRoms is works on the basis of AOSP code with some added functions to it.

Image Courtesy : Top Best Alternative

It consists of some noted features like the Slim PIE and Slim Recents. The Slim Recents makes your phone usage handy by arranging the recently used applications in the sidebar partially covering a portion of the screen. On the other hand, Slim PIE plays a role of navbar which is a boon while operating your phone in Immersive mode. You can avail to other features like screen locking shortcuts, customised dialer, Privacy gaurd, customised Quick Setting Tiles, etc.

You can expect two things for sure from this software: a mess free User Interface and simplicity of transitions. A deadly combination with the right amount of controls. SlimRom has gained a huge popularity with time and compatible with devices like LG, Moto, HTC, Google, Xiaomi, One Plus and other big brands. It supports Nougat version of Android and the Oreo version support is yet to come.

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Paranoid Andriod:

Paranoid is a very praised custom ROM all over. It facilitates a smooth and proficient functioning using the least amount of resources. However, Paranoid might not provide you with a surplus amount of features or functionalities but assures you with the best experience that a user can get.

Paranoid Andriod
Image Courtesy : DroidViews

Although PA has a lot to provide like the Hover mode, which gives the capability to the user to see or respond to notifications from any screen. This function was then embedded in AOSP under the Heads-up Notification. It gives you the PIE feature with its own improvisations along with full immersive mode for your handset. This custom ROM has set a major example even for Google to kick-in new features into their system. Ambient mode was originally a feature in Paranoid Android which was later adapted by Google.

PA is known to have had a rough ride. However, it has re-emerged as a stronger and improved version. Currently, the system supports Android Nougat and the update for android’s Oreo version is yet to release. Android devices by Pixel, Oppo, Nexus, Sony and others are completely compatible with PA.

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Resurrection Remix:

If you like to flaunt your phone with the number of features your phone has then this is the software for you. RR has built a huge popularity over the time and is trusted by a millions of users. The motive of this custom ROM is to provide users with as many features as possible with an efficient performance.

Resurrection Remix
Image Courtesy : Hesed.info

You can throw any task at it and it will complete it in the most proficient manner. The rate at which it performs the tasks is unmatched. You will be surprised to know that Resurrection Remix gets its ground work from not just AOSP but also from LineageOS, SlimRoms and Paranoid Android to which it adds its owns features. So, when you choose this custom ROM its a complete blend of all the above mentioned softwares as well. Most of the custom ROMs selective pick features unlike RR which wants to provide users with almost any feature.

Since, you’ll have an access to such massive amount of features; it will not come for free. Moreover, the software uses more resources of your system so it is pretty heavy on your software. Also, when you have an access to so many features it does make the ROM unstable.

Currently RR works on almost every major handset companies like HTC, LG, Samsung,      Moto, Lenovo, OnePlus and others. It supports different android versions although the Oreo version for RR will soon be released.

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Dirty Unicorns:

Dirty Unicorns can be explained as a more balanced and steady version of RR. DU is also known for providing you with a numerous features without losing the ROM’s stability. This is the major difference in RR and DU. DU’s team rewrites the whole coding from the beginning which makes it so steady unlike RR which just merges the additional codes.

Dirty Unicorns
Image Courtesy : CNR - Blogger

This custom ROM has a DU-SmartBar and FlingBar which works as a substitute of the navigation bar. Also it has some interesting add ups replacing the navigation bar with a panel which is gesture-enabled that can be customized by you. Some features were recently removed as users preferred to use those features in their devices itself and not it real life. This led to a steadier and less resource consuming functioning of the ROM.

DU is compatible with Android Nougat and other older versions. The version for Android Oreo is soon to release in few weeks.

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AOSP Extended:

AOSP extended is a bit different from AOSP. In spite of having the same source code as its foundation it has some additional hand-picked features from various No doubt the overall user experience is very uninterrupted and glitch free. It offers you with a variety of options to choose and customize the screen lock, status bar, and others. AOSP Extended sports DU’s navigation bar the Flingbar and combination of features which blend well all together.

AOSP Extended
Image Courtesy: projetmotog

AOSP extended is a very trusted custom ROM for regular use. Its compatible with devices like LG, Moto, HTC, Google, Xiaomi, One Plus and other big brands and functions on Android Nougat. The support for Android Oreo is still awaited.

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Pure Nexus:

As the name says, it is exclusively for Nexus and Pixel users. Pure Nexus has a steady functioning with the capability to customize your phone without messing up your phone’s performance. It provides you with similar AOSP user experience with surplus features by Pure Nexus. All the features which they provide are tested and contain no or least amount of bugs. Most importantly, this custom ROM does not affect the device’s battery life much. To give you a better idea, using this custom ROM will serve you a similar user experience as to Xposed and Gravity Box used over the AOSP ROM.

Pure Nexus is available for both Android Nougat and Oreo.

Pure Nexus
Image Courtesy: CNR - Blogger

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Carbon ROM:

You will know the speciality of this custom ROM after using it for few days. This is the first ROM to execute Substratum which is RRO and layers in the initial phase. Yet another custom ROM considered to be the steadiest of all.

Carbon ROM
Image Courtesy: Droid Life

It will offers you with numerous amount of modes for the status bar, light, system, buttons, gestures and many others. However, this ROM fails to match the number of features RR has. But Carbon ROM gives you assured steadiness and smooth functioning which makes it hard for users to even think of changing to any other ROM.

Crabon ROM is known to support a numerous devices from manufacturers like LG, Samsung, HTC, Moto, OnePlus, etc. The ROM supports Android Nougat with the much awaited Android Oreo version’s release.

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Most of the custom ROMs are based on AOSP’s ground work, so does ViperOS. This is a new ROM which has entered the market recently during the launch of Android Nougat 7.1. It has progressed so much in less time period that it has attained the steadiest and very dependable ROM. It may not provide you with a wide array of customizing features but has proved very effective in terms of performance and less battery consumption. Moreover, it has already provided users with the new Android Oreo 8.0 update.

Image Courtesy: JellyDroid

So far, its the most impressive custom ROM with ample amount of customization features and smooth system performance. Since its a newly launched custom ROM it does not support a lot of handsets. The list of devices supported by this ROM is very limited for now. The good news being they have a support for Android Oreo 8.0.

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Xiami is known to produce so many products of its own be it smartphones, MI router which I am using currently (its amazing), MI Band, Mi power bank and many more. Interestingly, MI had first developed its own custom ROM which led to the making of its own smartphone and electronic brand! No doubt the name ‘MI’UI would’ve already ringed your memory bells.

Image Courtesy: Gearburn

It is mentioned that MIUI is based on the AOSP. This ROM provides you with an iPhone like using experience which consists all the applications on your home screen and giving each and every aspect a pattern of colours and makes the users lively to use it. The USP of MIUI’s ROM is the background optimization. The battery lasts longer than any other ROMs out there and helps me to be more productive. You can consider it to a simple yet sophisticated duplicate of iPhone experience which is stable allows you to handle your phone’s functions smoothly.

This custom ROM is available for limited devices for now including Xiomi, Moto, Huawei, Oppo, Meizu and few more.

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Do not skip any step before installing the custom ROM, it might lead to unexpected problem which you do not want to invite. Using custom ROMs will surely give you a new experience in your device. However, there is always some amount of loss in the stability of your phone because of the changes done in your device. Out of all the custom ROMs i have tried these are the few ROMs which worked pretty well, although I couldn’t stick to them for long. You can tell us your favourite custom ROM and your experience of using it.