YouTube Introduces Online Video Editor For Editing YouTube Videos

youtube_logoGoogle's official blog announces new YouTube Online Video Editor features for its users. With YouTube video editor video editing has never been so easy. So you need not pay for any video editing software. No more mash ups with software installations and complicated instructions, for editing video Now, everything should be easy with YouTube video editor. YouTube’s new online video editor, which makes editing your video a simple task. You can try the new YouTube editor at TestTube, it is the place where YouTube engineers and developers test their new tools, you can also give them feedback on their new creations.

Features of this online YouTube video editor :video_icon_full
  • Combine or merge multiple youtube videos create a new lengthier video. (Can only combine videos you've uploaded)
  • Allows you to trim the videos at beginning and/or ending.
  • Option to add soundtracks from our AudioSwap library of tens of thousands of songs from YouTube library.
  • You can now create new videos online and  publish them to YouTube with one click (No need to upload since video is created online).

Just give it a try here here

So this means you need not install any extra software anymore. I've found a video which shows you a glimpse of how YouTube online video editor works:

So, what do you think about YouTube Video Editor? Give it a try and let us know what do you think about new YouTube video editor.