What Encourages People to Download Your App?

So, you’ve built an app. Now you need people to download it. Unfortunately, it’s not a case of “build it and they shall come”. Things rarely are, especially in the tech industry, which is full of competition. Even if you get the word out that you have an app, it might not be enough to convince users to download it. But what will? Take a look at our guide to the factors that users will consider before they download your app.

What Encourages People to Download Your App? 1

Word of mouth

There is no better marketing tactic than word of mouth. The sad fact is that consumers can take in all the marketing they want to, but the thing that will make up their minds for them is someone they trust giving them a recommendation. Luckily, in the digital age, that has extended to two things: influencers and reviews. A lot of influencers, however, take on paid shoutouts, and so their, ahem, “influence” on consumers is taken with a pinch of salt. But reviews come from everyone and anyone. They come from people who bought the same thing you want and want to tell you what they think about it. You can encourage reviews in a lot of different ways, including upping user engagement and outright asking, but the fastest way to get a lot of reviews is to pay for them. The more you get, the more validity they are given. Click here to find out more about paid reviews.


Why would a consumer download your app when your business website is right there? If your business is the app, yes, there will be plenty of major reasons why the user should download your app, but if you have a business that you would simply like to supplement with an app, your users are going to need more to convince them.

A great selling point is convenience. Show them that not only do they not have to access a browser to get to you, which is true of any app, but you’ve made things even more convenient in the app. There is a fully stocked product line, a booking forum for reservations or appointments, customer service, or anything else that would make life easier for your customers.

A slick design

But let’s face it: we’re all a sucker for something pretty. The most valuable thing your app can put forward is their Sunday best. Think carefully about the design of your app. Not only will it have to look good, but it should represent your brand. For instance, the minimalist style is simple and bold, but it’s not playful.

There is another reason that your app needs to look good, and that is for trustworthiness. True, a shoddy-looking website isn’t always a scam, and there are more concrete ways for a user to spot an unsecure website or app, but it’s also true that those trying to pull off a scam aren’t likely to put a lot of effort into their website or app when it’s designed to disappear. A well-built and presentable app will put your customers at ease. 

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