What Are Underwater Marine Services and Why Are They Important?

In the maritime industry, it is essential to maintain regular inspections and upkeep to ensure that everything runs safely. Underwater inspections are required to guarantee the operational reliability of a marine asset throughout its lifespan. Underwater marine services are carried out by a team of experts with years of experience and extensive knowledge. 

Crew, staff and on-site engineers can complete certain maintenance tasks that are easy to access. However, there are many maintenance tasks below the waterline which require specialist training and expertise. It’s not always possible to repair ships in a dry dock, therefore experienced engineers are needed to carry out this work. These services are becoming industry standard, ensuring the safety of crew and efficiency of vessels. 

What Are Underwater Marine Services

Underwater marine services include:

Surveys and Inspections – Industry standard surveys with divers can save operators time and money, by reducing the need for dry-docking and decreasing the day-to-day impact of running a vessel. Services include sub-surface inspections, plate thickness readings, and impact damage inspections. 

Hull Cleaning Regular cleaning of the hull helps to avoid heavy barnacle growth. Without maintenance, increased calcification leads to corrosion and can have an impact on the hull sonar system. Hull cleaning is best carried out when slime begins to form, rather than when dense growth starts to build up. This service improves fuel consumption and reduces noise pollution, having a positive impact on the performance of the vessel. 

Propeller Polishing – Polishing the propeller underwater is required to maintain good fuel efficiency by reducing the surface roughness created by the accumulation of marine biofouling. It should be undertaken twice a year and is applicable to vessels of all sizes. By providing an on-site service, costly downtime is reduced. 

Structural Engineering – Below the waterline, repairs can involve extensive engineering and structural work. This is essential to preserve the reliability of a vessel or offshore infrastructure. A percentage of this work can be carried out by specialist engineers and divers, reducing the impact on continued operations. 

Why Are Underwater Marine Services Important?

Although not all vessel repairs require an underwater marine service company to undertake the work, many do. Regular upkeep and maintenance will guarantee fuel efficiency and productivity, which can save time and money in the long run. 

Vessels are particularly prone to corrosion due to the high salt and moisture levels in a marine climate. Corrosion needs to be addressed quickly, otherwise the ship’s construction weakens resulting in safety issues. The leaking of corrosive particles pollutes the ocean and causes harm to marine life, so preventative maintenance is a necessary step in protecting the environment.

Ninety percent of the world’s imports and exports are via the ocean, so it is essential to guarantee a safe and efficient service through regular maintenance of vessels and infrastructure. Underwater marine services are becoming the industry standard as they maintain safety requirements and are more cost-effective in the long-term. 

These services are important because they improve fuel consumption, productivity and efficiency, whilst offering security from possible dangerous maintenance tasks. Professional underwater services support client assets by ensuring the vessel operates reliably.   

The Advantages of Underwater Marine Services

Environmental Sustainability

The maritime industry is taking steps towards greener practices to help tackle the climate crisis and ocean pollution. With a growing awareness of climate change and marine damage, it is essential for all vessels to reduce fossil fuel consumption by preventative maintenance. Correct structural maintenance results in a more fuel-efficient ship and reduces the risk of corrosive particles polluting marine environments. As these particles enter the aquatic food chain and cause harm to both marine life and humans, expert underwater services are necessary to reduce this risk. 

When vessels have a correct maintenance procedure in place, they are less likely to experience corrosion and escalating damage. Lowering fossil fuel consumption is an essential step for the future of a healthier ocean, and preventative maintenance can help achieve this outcome. Underwater marine services provide solutions to alleviate negative environmental impacts, leading the maritime industry into a more sustainable future. 


Safety and suitability of all vessels is an essential requirement in the maritime industry. Regular inspections and repairs guarantee a safer living and working environment for those at sea. As infrastructure below the waterline is exposed to elements, there is more chance for corrosion, dents, cracks and leaks. This corrosion can weaken the ship structure and lead to safety issues for crew onboard. 

With specialist maritime engineering, vessels and infrastructure can be safely maintained, ensuring longevity and the efficient running of services. It is vital to protect crew and passengers onboard all vessels by having correct safety procedures in place, and hiring professional underwater engineers can give operators peace of mind. 

Final Thoughts

Professional maintenance of vessels and infrastructure is essential for efficiency in the maritime industry. Guarding against harmful environmental impacts, keeping crew and passengers safe, and ensuring the longevity of vessels is vital for best business practices. 

Underwater marine services ensure the safe functioning of ships, whilst also being cost-effective in the long term. Trained engineers and divers can carry out work such as underwater inspections, without the need to dry-dock. Surveys and inspections, hull and propeller cleaning, and structural engineering can save operators time and money by reducing the impact of running a vessel. 

Proper maintenance reduces the risk of corrosion, ensuring the longevity of vessels and lowering the risk of corrosive particles leaking into the ocean. This improves conditions for the environment and ensures the safety of crew and passengers onboard. With correct maritime engineering, conditions for marine life are improved due to enhanced vessel performance and reduced noise pollution. Proper care of vessels reduces fuel consumption and improves longevity, security and efficiency. 

As the world moves forward and the effects of climate change become ever more present, the maritime industry is taking steps to adopt environmentally sustainable practices. Keeping vessels and infrastructure in good condition helps to ensure safety, reduce pollution, and improve conditions for the environment. 

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