Top 6 Must Try Video Editing Softwares for YouTube

YouTube was founded in the year 2005. It gained so much popularity that it has become a part of every Android and iPhone that you see around that is preinstalled in these devices. In fact, in the year 2017 there was more than 4 million hours of video content being posted every day and the number is growing every year.

We know how important it is to make an impact on an audience in order to gain viewership of your target audience. To make an impact the content you upload on your channel should be crisp, short, creative and to the point. To make the video in such a manner you’ll need to edit your videos to avoid critics. I have listed down a bunch of softwares which are compatible for Windows and Mac. Have a look and let the editor inside you come out of the bars. If you’re using Mac, here are the best photoshop alternatives for Mac

1. Filmora 9

Operating System: Windows, Mac

Cost: Free

youtube video software filmora

You might have come across few basic video editing tools like Windows Movie Maker and iMovie. Filmora is an advanced version of these softwares and is more efficient than Windows Movie Maker and iMovie on Mac. This software will assist you to make your videos more appealing and professional with the tons of presets which it offers in the form of overlays,transition, elements, merging multiple layers, filters and it also allows you to edit the audio to create an impression in the minds of the viewers.

Becoming a professional editor will take a lot of hardships and practice this is where this software breaks all the boundaries. You can edit your videos by yourself and still manage to put a hint of professionalism to your videos without taking any extra efforts. Its user interface is very user friendly, hence people who are new to this software can get a hold of this.You can also do colour correction to your videos with this software. It not only gives you access to so many interesting presets, but it also gives you the privilege to use tools like de-noise, video stabilization, and other basic tools like trim, cut, etc.

2. Pinnacle Studio 21.5

Operating System: Windows

Price: Rs. 3,500

Pinnacle Studio youtube video software

The best feature that grabbed my eyes about this software is, you don’t have to worry about exporting your videos in a certain format and it accepts any file format for your video. Hence you don’t have to worry about which camera you are using for shooting videos for your channel. Pinnacle Studio offers you to use many advanced video editing tools for beginners which makes it a user friendly interface.

The software enables you to make basic edits. What is special about it? The 360-degree video editing support and the paint effects assists you add some uniqueness to each and every video you create. The Plus and the Ultimate Pinnacle Studio version enables the users to use the mosaic blur feature which allows the vloggers to hide some portions in the video which they want to reveal. On availing to these versions it also lets you edit 3D and 4K videos.

3. Blender

Operating System: Windows, Mac, Linux

Cost: Free

blender youtube video software

As simple as it sounds, Blender is very powerful software which can be used for making animations, game creations, VFX, modeling, rendering, etc. It has a limitation is terms of video editing tools but you can use it for making basic edits like trim, adding transitions, applying filters etc. 

This system allows you to add several images, videos and audios, there is no limitation to it. It also enables you to access the chroma vectorscope, histogram  and live previews. You can also make use of the audio mixing and the waveform visualization which can enhance your video’s impact. In addition to it, you can adjust the layer and control the speed of the video which gives you more freedom to edit your video.   

4. Final Cut Pro:

Operating System: Mac Only

Top 6 Must Try Video Editing Softwares for YouTube 1

Final Cut Pro is an advanced video editing software with an enormous number of filters and editing tools. This software is generally used by very high end professionals to edit movies, professional documentaries, etc. Video editing in this software allows you to edit the videos without losing any pixels from the video, which means it is non-destructive. It allows you to edit several videos and audios you want because of the availability of wide array of tools in this software. As this software has been optimized you can also edit 4K nad 5K videos in it without any glitch. Moreover, you can also make use of the 360-degree video editing tool. There’s nothing you cannot do in this software, making it the best video editing software designed for a Mac user.

5. Adobe Premiere Pro CC 

Operating System: Mac, Windows

Top 6 Must Try Video Editing Softwares for YouTube 2

Adobe premiere pro cc is a software used for editing movies Gone Girl or Deadpool. This is a very advanced level software.You can use this software even for the simplest edits. You don’t have to be professional in order to edit your videos. This software is very user friendly and it provides you with an ample amount of tools to make the slightest of changes. You have all the basic tools for colour correction, stabilization tool, trim tool, adding text to the video, editing the audio as per your requirements, etc. It supports almost all the video formats, even the 8K videos. It also provides you with the privilege to edit 360-degree videos or VR. 

6. Lightworks

Operating System: Windows, Mac, Linux

This software seems to menace the beginners once you open the software. Although it is the best software to learn. It provides the users with a wide array of visual effects, transitions and trimming options which are very eye grabbing. The interface is very user friendly and enables you to access a bunch of tools which will help you give the output for your YouTube videos. 

It supports all types of video formats which also includes the 4K videos. The software allows you to easily export the videos on YouTube. The best feature of this software you can save time on exporting videos hence, the users won’t have to wait for hours for the videos to be exported in order to upload them on YouTube.    

Let me know your opinions on these softwares and which did you like the best, in the comment section below.

Top 6 Must Try Video Editing Softwares for YouTube 5
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