Top 5 Famous Websites Built With Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is undoubtedly one of the most in-demand frameworks for web application development. IT specialists choose it for its powerful features and ease of use. Developers save lots of time, effort and money, building their web applications with Ruby on Rails.

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A great number of famous websites are built with Ruby on Rails. Here are 5 most popular:


Yes, Twitter was built with Ruby on Rails. This popular social networking website, that has $10 billion valuation, does not need introduction. In fact, this is one of the most famous sites built with RoR. Due to the concerns with scalability, Twitter stopped using Ruby on Rails.


Another popular site created with Ror is Jobster. This job search website is very easy to navigate through and features a number of other benefits that only a site built with Ruby on Rails can offer. One of these advantages is that Jobster enables its visitors searching multiple job website at once.


This is one of the most popular tools for building e-commerce websites. An e-commerce site created with Shopify offers a myriad of beneficial features. It enables site owners, customizing the storefront, managing orders, processing credit card payments, etc. In other word, it gives users a flawless shopping experience. Since 2006, the year of its foundation, Shopify has raised more than 122 million dollars in funding for the development of its platform.


If you are a newcomer to the IT community, you probably do not know much about Github, but you’ve definitely heard this name at least once. Github is a popular social network for web developers. In just a few years it has raised 100 million dollars and joined the list of leaders for “code sharing”. GitHub is the largest Git hosting for open source projects. GitHub is huge!


This is one of the most popular crowd-funded platforms. Indiegogo has quickly gained a worldwide fame and is currently the main rival of another popular crowd-funding platform – KickStarter. Indiegogo started its crowd funding activity in 2008. Today, its total crowd-funded capital makes 55 million dollars and this amount will continue growing, just like Indiegogo’s popularity.

Ruby on Rails is an ideal choice for both startup and well-established companies looking for a powerful and cost-effective tool for web application development. With, their experience and the skilled team you will quickly avail all benefits of using Ruby on Rails.


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