Tips & Tools to Preserve your online social life


Backup your social life

Social networks are no longer just a medium of communication,they are the store of all your cherished memories what with all the pictures,music and video that are exchanged over here,its become a necessity to preserve your data in case your accounts security is someday compromised or if even if you just want to keep a record of all your interaction done over there.

Facebook Backup tool


If you are a facebook user then facebook itself provides an option to download all your personal information which includes posts, photo albums,videos, friend list,notes messages and even chat transcripts.However,this feature doesn't allow you to customize your backup or select the info,you

The Facebook Backup tool

just have to download it all in a big chunk.To carry it out,go to the 'Account Setting' option under the 'Account' drop down menu and click on the 'learn more' link under the 'Download your information heading' and on the next page click 'Download' to initiate the process..Keep in bind that this isn't a backup and restore service and you cannot delete your account with the notion that this backup will revive your older profile. Moreover,this is not a quick process and you'll be notified by email about when your backup is ready.

Mozilla Firefox also has an addon for the same purpose with the name of ArchiveFacebook and although unverified by Firefox it can help you backup every last bit of your info on Facebook,right from the comfort of your browser.


Save your tweets

Unlike facebook,twitter does not provide an option to backup your info.However,there are many third party websites that offer the same services and that too for free.One of them is TweetStreamApp.Once you signup for the free service and authorize through your twitter account,it carries out a weekly sync f your tweets,contacts,lists,followers etc. with its 500 mB of free storage..It also lets you save data on the desktop.the free account lets y


ou sync up to three twitter accounts with a weekly sync option.The daily sync option is one of the features of the paid version.

A more selective service is TweetScan which downloads your last 1000 tweets on logging in.You can also select what to download and what not to.Another tool is BackupMyTweets which abckups your tweets daily as well as letting you easily search through the tweets .You can even archive your email, blogs and pictures using this completely free service.


Backup becomes more important if connections are not only social but also professional.While all your communication on Linkedin is copied onto your email account,you can export contacts to ensure that you have a local CSV file to help you stay connected with people even if the service is down.

To backup your LinkedIn account, log into your account and click on contacts click on the 'my connections' tab and at the base you will find the 'export communications' link . Click on that and download it in a format of your choice.These formats include.Outlook express format(.CSV file),Yahoo mail(.CSV),MAC OSX address book(.VCF) and vCard(.VCF).Save the file and you have all the contacts backed up on your PC.

All in one backup service



Just like the all in one seo pack for WordPress,there are some sites that allow you to backup all your social networking  accounts.The most popular one among them is Backupify which allows to take backups of Facebook,Twitter,Wordpress,Gmail,Google Docs,Picasa,Flickr,Blogger,LinkedIn,etc. Its free account provides you with 2 GB of storage space per social media account,which'll be backedup weekly.


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