The Ultimate Guide to Cybersecurity Degrees

Cyber security has never been more important to businesses. No matter what size of business someone owns or manages, a cybersecurity team is required to take care of the protection of company data and the company’s network. Cyber threats have never been more sophisticated, and the evolving nature of the cyber security reality means that there is always demand for this kind of skilled work.

The Ultimate Guide to Cybersecurity Degrees 1

If you have been thinking about getting a cybersecurity degree, you might not be sure which degree focus you should choose. This can be a complex decision if you have never worked in the cyber security reality, but there are really no bad options when it comes to cyber security degrees. Even an undergrad in cyber security can lead you to a great career that will offer room for unlimited growth and opportunity.

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Which Kinds of Degrees Can I Use to Work in Cybersecurity?

If you are not sure which degree programs will lead you to a job in the cyber security field, you are not alone. This career path was not as essential up until the past decade or so, and the routes to get to this kind of job were less clear than they are today. Remember that no matter what degree path you choose, you will also need to get certifications in the areas of focus for the kind of cyber security work that you want to do. Your employer might pay for these certifications for you, but you can make yourself more marketable by getting them done before you apply for jobs in this field.

The most common degree that is used to get a job in cybersecurity is a computer science degree. There are some programs that are made to offer a focus on network security and you could elect to follow this degree path if you want to naturally head toward the cyber security field once you are done with school. Realistically, however, you can take any computer science degree and add the right certifications to it to seek a fulfilling job in cyber security.

You might also look into a degree in Information Technology Management, Machine Learning, or Network Administration if you want to work in cyber security. Computer hardware engineers can also be a good choice, as can computer programming. There are many different degree paths that will help you to get a job in cyber security, and you will find that all of these can be equally beneficial when it comes time to apply for jobs.

The certification process is probably more critical to your marketability after you have finished your degree, and you might also want to pursue a Master’s degree or a Ph.D. if you want to be even more marketable than other people with a Bachelor’s degree. Management positions will almost always require that you have a Master’s degree at a minimum, so if this is your end goal, you will need to consider getting your Master’s degree from the start.

What Kind of Cyber Security Jobs Can I Get?

There are many roles that need to be maintained on a fully staffed cyber security team, and large companies might have teams of people that provide unique parts of the management processes that keep the network safe and secure each day. Even smaller companies will not have a single person in charge of all of their network security needs.

Security Management Specialist jobs are some of the more common jobs that you will find out there on the market, and these people will work each day to identify vulnerabilities and resolve issues related to attempted attacks. This job can be entry-level at some companies, but there might also be several levels of support that fall under this heading. You can expect to make between $70,000 and $100,000 a year in this job role.

Cybersecurity architects and Pen-Testers provide niche services on cyber security teams, and they are compensated well for their efforts too. You might also be able to choose to be a cybercrime investigator or a Cryptologist. Management positions like the CISO at a company will make about $160,000 a year. This is one of the jobs that you will want to have a Master’s degree or a Ph.D to pursue.

While you might not know for sure which part of cyber security interests you the most during college, you will be offered access to lots of internship options toward the end of your degree process that might help you to pick a path. Knowing which area you want to focus on can help you to get the certifications that you need and to plan for ongoing advanced degree education if you believe that this will be necessary to get your dream job.

There Has Never Been More Demand For Cyber Security Experts

The Ultimate Guide to Cybersecurity Degrees 2

If you have been trying to decide if cyber security is the right career path for you, you should rest assured that this kind of skill set will be in demand everywhere for the foreseeable future. There is so much more risk that businesses face every day than in decades past, and companies are willing to spend the money necessary to hire the best teams of employees to prevent hacking and data theft.

Cyber security is a career field that will offer you lots of room to grow, and even entry-level positions in this field pay very well. This is one of the most in-demand sectors of the IT field, and there is no sign that this kind of job will become any less necessary in the future. If you want the chance to get a degree that will deliver big results for your plans to gain experience and grow in responsibility throughout your career, this is the right degree path to pick.

Cyber security experts are compensated very well for their skills, and this career path offers almost unlimited growth opportunities.

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