The Ban On PUBG Revamping Nation’s Gaming Industry!

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, which goes by the name PUBG saw its funeral in India and 5 other countries including China, Jordan, Israel, Iraq, and Nepal. The super successful game witnessed a sudden dead end in the first week of September 2020. The rising star PUBG the multiplayer game had claimed of crossing 40 million daily active users and India was the most dedicated customer from the start. Then what prompted this sudden assassination of the so popular E-sport and mobile game is under speculation. 

The Ban On PUBG Revamping Nation's Gaming Industry! 1

E-sports is gaining traction in the online digitized world today. From action to town building games, games of all genres are liked by the players. These games are engaging the players around the screen for hours in a row, posing innumerable issues. Issues not worth the wasted time are the greatest concern of parents worldwide.

Amidst all the problems related to online gaming, PUBG had accumulated fans unlimited to standby and welcome each season, as it made its grand entry. The world of PUBG had witnessed the most enthusiastic players. However, the bubble of joy soon collapsed and the planet of PUBG fans crashed.

Major reasons posing a ban on PUBG:

  1. It is all about the action heroes and their violence that builds and saves the place around then. This battle royale game is said to be revolving around violence and is taken by most of the nations a threat to young minds. The younger generation is said to be influenced towards violence by PUBG and hence the nations are opposing the widespread love for the game. 
Saudi social worker says PUBG causes 'evil and violent' thoughts
  1. The second thing that is killing PUBG and a more severe side-effect concerning it is the addictiveness that is built around this game. The players are seen to stay glued to the game through day and night. The youngsters devoting too much time on their screens have resulted in students neglecting their careers and studies. It is leading to increased physical disorders and mental illness. The sleep patterns of the players are highly disrupted that further adds to multiple ailments.
PUBG addiction: Man suffers mental imbalance after continuous gameplay -  Gizbot News
  1.  Social media has all-in-all paved the way for increased screen time and the major social media sites are already posing warnings and informing the users constantly about the side-effects. But the experts blame PUBG makers for their irresponsible behaviour of operating without any warning mechanism.  
PUBG pulls India rights from China-based Tencent Games after ban - india  news - Hindustan Times

These reasons are prompting most countries to ban PUBG.

PUBG posing a threat to the Nation’s Sovereignty and Security! 

The Government of India has banned over 118 applications including PUBG, WeChat, Baidu, Camscanner, etc that were China-born and a plausible threat to the Country’s security. On further interrogations, the Indian IT Ministry stated that the decision is a target that needs to be achieved for the safety, security, and sovereignty of the Indian Cyberspace. The applications that are banned are blamed to be meddling with the users’ data and their ban was a decision for the wellbeing of the users.

PUBG loss benefitting other gaming companies

While the servers of the game still live, the die-hard fans are continuing to playing the game to their solace, but the number of players has drastically reduced and the players are seen shifting to PUBG alternatives. Since there are no Indian alternatives present currently, it opens up the bandwidth of opportunities for the game developers in India. According to a Google-KPMG report, the segment of Online gaming is estimated to bring a $1.1 billion opportunity in India by 2021. 

It was claimed to be most downloaded and played in India. A share of, as large as $41.2 million, has amounted from the Indian Market.  

Games like Call Of Duty(COD) mobile and Free fire have seen a steady rise in downloads and players since then. These games are supposedly the best alternatives that are grabbing the attention of the players. The influencers of these games are found encouraging the community and helping the playing shift and stream them. These games had witnessed a stabilized market before PUBG had entered the scenes.

Call of Duty: Mobile is live after a troubled launch - CNET

PUBG ban side-effects!

PUBG fans are seen to be facing a tough time dealing with the situation. The fans are seen restless and fighting to derive some alternatives that are the best substitutes for the game. Parents and guardians of the die-hard fans are seen passing a sigh of relief with this boycott. The sudden ban of this multiplayer game has pitched in a few memes and jokes around the same. The video below presents a memorial service of their beloved game as commemorated by the die-hard fans.

This hilarious video has grabbed funny reactions from social media sites. 

Possibility of reversing the ban on PUBG?

The Indian government seems to affirm their decision to ban PUBG.

However, rumors of the South Korean owners of PUBG trying their luck by snapping their ties with Tencent in India are dictating the gaming industry. According to the Indian Ministry sources, the Indian Government is highly concerned about the issues associated with the game and is unlikely to overturn the PUBG ban. And until the issues are addressed, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology is in no mood to relent. The sources state that the ministry is concerned with the security of the users’ data and the sovereignty of the nation. The probability of the unturning of the ban will depend upon the PUBG developers’ intention to address these issues. 

We will have to wait and catch glimpse of what will follow! Till then it’s fans have to find alternatives to shift to. Eventually, this is a good opportunity for gamers to probably relax and get a good sleep.

The Ban On PUBG Revamping Nation's Gaming Industry! 3
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