Supporting Businesses You Can Start With Your e-Profession

Doing the small supporting business with your main e-profession is the best way to earn extra income and makes you financially strong as well. Web developers, graphics designers, bloggers, tech geeks, photo studios and everyone who are interested in making some extra money can start these businesses. The works which we are about discuss need minimum investment. The geek with the personal computer and printer can give a try to these businesses.

T-Shirt Printing

T-Shirt printing is the blooming business in the printing industry. Anybody who has a PC and extra ordinary ideas in graphic designing can start this business by investing a small amount in T-Shirt printers.
What you need? : Computer, skills in graphic designing using Photoshop, T-shirt printer such as HP Deskjet 610c, iron box. The YouTube video attached below gives a brief knowledge on how to design the graphic and print the same on a t-shirt.

T-Shirt Printing

Designing Karizma Albums

Karizma is the modern style album which differs much from traditional albums. The designing part of this album is done in Photoshop software and the created albums can be sent to printing process. The printers which print these types of albums are available only in major cities. If you manage to design some 20 sheets per day then you are eligible to earn Rs. 500. It takes few days to practice the stuff but once ready you can easily make money. You can contact the nearest photo studios to get the Karizma orders.
What you need? : Computer, excellent skills in Photoshop

Online Invitation Service

Online Invitation is a new trend which is taking place in this generation. To invite the people to both corporate and household functions people are using Online Invitations along with the printed ones. Good skills in animation software such as Adobe Flash or Swish Max can start this business along with Web Development.
What you need? : Computer, skills in animations software