Smart DNS Proxy- Easily Unblock Restricted Websites

Though the literal meaning of WWW is World Wide Web, internet users of some countries are not able to access many sites of the world, there are mainly two reasons for this, first one is, the website publisher’s restriction and secondly the user’s country’s restriction.


In the first scenario the web publisher restricts their website to several countries and in the second one the user’s country blocks the website. Not only web publishers or countries but we find many corporate companies and educational institutes restricts websites especially the social media networks like Facebook, twitter and video streaming websites like Youtube, Hulu and ABC etc..

But how to unblock restricted websites? How to browse them as you browse other websites? The best solution to view restricted websites is “Smart DNS Proxy”.

What is Smart DNS Proxy?

Smart DNS Proxy is a secure DNS Proxy service that let you access blocked websites from various countries, with the Smart DNS Proxy you can access and view banned social media networks and audio/video streaming websites around the world. Smart DNS Proxy have servers globally to properly and quickly route the traffic to requested sites.

With Smart DNS Proxy you can enjoy Netflix, Hulu, ABC, Vevo, Spotify, Rdio, Songza,, Amazon Prime, US Open, Sony Music Unlimited, MTV,, VH1, Pandora, HBO GO, Fox, AOL On, CNBC, ESPN and many other websites which are restricted for several countries.


Why Choose Smart DNS Proxy?

Of Couse there are some other DNS Proxy services available on the web to unblock the blocked website but here are the reasons why go for Smart DNS Proxy service.

Faster, Secure and Reliable

Smart DNS Proxy is secured and faster compared to VPN (virtual private network). You can access the blocked website quickly no matter from where you are accessing it. You can enjoy blocked streaming videos and audio without any lags.

No Software Required

To use Smart DNS Proxy you need not install any software to access blocked websites, all you need to change your DNS IP address in your device to Smart DNS Proxy Ip addresses to access restricted websites. You can setup Smart DNS Proxy for whole network or for each devices you have.

Works Everywhere

Smart DNS Proxy works on any the devices like PC, MAC, Smart TV, Xbox, PS3, Router, iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Thus this greatly helps in improving your productivity at work

Smart DNS Proxy Pricing

Smart DNS Proxy is available in 4 different packages, you can choose the monthly subscription for $4.90, choose 3 months subscription for $12.90, go for an year subscription for $34.90 or avail 2 years subscription $49.90.

You can have a trial of Smart DNS Proxy for 14 days for free.

Check out Smart DNS Proxy


Smart DNS Proxy- Easily Unblock Restricted Websites 1
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