Should you Invest In a Gaming Chair? – Here’s Why

An awful lot of people sit a lot nowadays. Kids sit for hours at school, then continue sitting at home while doing their assignments. Office workers spend hours sitting at their desks, often in small, crowded cubicles. Gamers spend quite a lot of time sitting in a chair while they roam the virtual lands of the latest games, slicing orcs and shooting Nazis in the process. Sitting for a long time has many negative health effects, especially if it becomes a lifestyle – sedentarism is blamed for everything between obesity and heart issues, and most importantly, deformations of the back caused by an incorrect posture. This is why choosing the right type of chairs is vital for those spending a lot of time in front of a desk. Today, let’s take a look at a special category of chairs that have become very popular lately – gaming chairs. 

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What is a gaming chair?

A gaming chair is a chair designed specifically for gamers. If you compare office chairs with gaming chairs , you’ll notice a few major differences, especially when it comes to their padding, their shape, size, and design. 

Originally, gaming chairs were designed with racing games in mind – they were made to look and feel as much as a car seat as possible. Later, they have become better-designed to be not only cool but ergonomic as well.

Are gaming chairs worth it?

Come to think of it, gaming chairs are not very different from office chairs – but they are obviously designed to look different. They usually come in much more varied colors – where office chairs are black, grey, perhaps beige, gaming chairs come in any color combination you can imagine, from neon green and pink to red, blue, and yellow. 

Most office chairs, in turn, come without some of the most important features almost all gaming chairs have: special padding at the lower back. One of the most frequent side effects of sitting in a chair for hours (no matter if it’s playing games or working on endless reports for HR) is lower back pain – gaming chairs and higher-end office chairs take care of this by adding extra (often adjustable) padding to the mix. Plus, gaming chairs have higher backrests of special headrests that make the posture of the gamer even more natural, thus preventing all the issues that sitting in a chair for hours can cause. 

Gaming chairs come in all shapes, sizes, and with a wide range of price tags attached to them. Some of them are cheaper – even as low as $100 – and others, the more premium models, can be pretty expensive, often exceeding $1000. If you decide to invest in one – which you should, if you are a gamer spending many hours in front of your computer – make sure to choose one that is right for your body type, height, and has the right material and features for your needs.

Should you Invest In a Gaming Chair? - Here's Why 1
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