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How To Restore Deleted Photos from Samsung Galaxy Phones

Samsung Galaxy series is one of the most popular ranges of mobile phones introduced by Samsung Electronics. It is considered the most popular line of smart phones developed on Android. This smart phone series includes Galaxy Tab series, Galaxy Note series and Galaxy S series. I am also a user of Samsung Galaxy and love my phone very much because of its excellent camera sensor, and fabulous picture quality. I use to take lots of videos and photos on my phone. My Samsung Galaxy phone has 16 GB inbuilt memory and I use 64 GB memory card as an extended memory. Now, you can imagine how much data I used to store on my phone.


Once I was just checking my phone and deleting some unused applications, suddenly I do not know how I deleted all of my media files. After doing this, I was shocked! And was not able to think, what should I do now, my all photos were gone. I started looking for solutions and guess what I got that, and recovered photos from Samsung Galaxy phone.


If you are also going through the same situation, do not panic and read the article carefully. It is the fact with electronic storage media that the deleted photos and other media files have never completely removed from it. When you delete any photo from your Samsung Galaxy, it is only removed from the file directory by operating system, and avail the storage space of deleted file to be overwritten. Therefore, after deletion your deleted photos are still stored in your Samsung Galaxy phone. You just have to use a photo recovery software on it and you will be able recover deleted photos from phone from the built-in storage or extended SD card, depends upon the location.


Steps to Recovery:


I used Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery tool and it worked awesome with my phone. You just need to download and install it on your computer and connect your Samsung Galaxy phone with computer USB. The computer will detect your phone and software will ask you to scan it for recovery. You just have to follow some steps and you will be able to recover deleted photos from phone.

  1. Run the Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery and click 'Recover Photo, Audio, & Video' option.stellar photo recovery
  2. It will show you the available external and internal storage drives, select your Samsung galaxy phone drive and click 'Scan Now'
    select media for recovery
  3. Here you can also select 'Advanced Recovery' option, which allows you to recover based on file types. You can select the format according to your phone support.
  4. After scanning process it will show you all the photos and other media files in a tree structure in the left window pane.
    audio and video recovery
  5. You can click on the photos and view them
  6. To save the recovered photos click 'Recover' button.
    recovery photos from samsung galaxy
  7. Choose a location to save your recovered images and save them

Tips and Tricks to Secure Your Samsung Galaxy Photos from Loss:

  • Take automatic backup of your photos from your Samsung Galaxy Phone. These phones have a feature of automatic sync which uploads your camera photos with your Gmail online storage
  • Do not use your Samsung Galaxy camera in low battery, it can corrupt the photos and make them inaccessible
  • scan your memory card with an anti-virus software regularly
  • Format your memory card once it is filled after taking a backup of your photos


Reasons of Photo Loss in Samsung Galaxy Phone

There are two major reasons of data loss in mobile devices

Logical Reason of Failure: If the mobile device is running but some data or files become inaccessible for logical reasons like overwriting, reformatting, accidental deletion, lost volume, or software corruption is called a Logical failure.

Physical Reason of Failure: If the mobile is not responding properly due to some physical reason such as destructive and accidental means of damage, dropping, liquid damage, overheating, abuse, and normal wear and tear, etc are called a Physical failure.

If your Samsung phone is suffering from a physical reason then you have to take it to the service center of Samsung but if the reason of data loss is local, then you can recovered photos from Samsung Galaxy phone by Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery tool with ease. Click to see how

Here are some common reasons of Samsung Galaxy phone data loss that you should avoid:


  • Hardware or System Malfunctions
    If your hardware is getting damaged because of any wrong activity then this type of error occurs. To avoid such issues you must use a good power supply for your phone and also do not use your phone in low battery status.


  • Human Errors
    You must avoid the error, which is in your hand such as accidental deletion or formatting the phone.
  • Software Corruption
    This type of issue occurs when your phone is shut down suddenly without no reasons. This issue mostly occurs when we use so much memory of our Samsung Galaxy phone and the ram is also full. To avoid this always keep some space free and try to restart phone once in a day.

Computer Viruses and Malware
It is a very common issue of SD card data loss. To avoid such issues you must install anti-virus software in your phone.

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