Pros and Cons of Buying Refurbished iPhones

Refurbished iPhones
Refurbished iPhones

If you are talking about smartphones, then iPhone is the best-selling brand out there. Its unique and proper functioning features make it a great device that everyone dreams of buying. 

But the price of iPhones are pretty high, and finding them on sale is like winning the lottery. So, if you want an iPhone within a lower price range, then the alternative option to buying a brand new one would be buying a refurbished one. 

Here are some pros and cons and some suggestions about buying a refurbished iPhones.

Pros of Buying a Refurbished iPhone

You may need to buy a new phone due to your phone being stolen or broken, or you may simply need an alternative phone. If you are thinking of going with the trend and buying an iPhone, then this section will get you even more motivated. 

It Is Economical

The major reason for buying any device or product that is refurbished is the price. Once a product is used, it can never be labeled as “Brand New.” It is the same for iPhones. 

As refurbished products are always discounted, you are getting an iPhone at a much much lower price, which is a total win. If you are in need of a phone urgently, you do not need to burden your pocket any more for a good phone. 

To make your wish come true refurbished iPhones are the best option. You also do not need to think about monthly payments or hidden fees.


Refurbished phones go through detailed inspections, so the quality of the refurbished phones remains high. After the examination, if any problem is found, then the products are returned due to the faults. 

The refurbished phones are sent to Apple expert engineers. After fixing the issues, the phones are again sent to the certified refurbished iPhone sellers. 

They ensure that the refurbished iPhones are in good condition. The best thing about refurbished iPhones is that the price is discounted, but there is no compromise on the quality.

Environmentally Friendly

Other refurbished products might not be environmentally friendly, but refurbished phones are never harmful to the environment. 

Every year, a lot of used electronic products are wasted, but refurbished phones are recycled, so they are not responsible for environmental damage. In fact, it is helping the planet instead.

It Has Been Fixed

Refurbished iPhones and used iPhones are not the same. Before thinking about buying a refurbished iPhone, you should learn the differences between used and refurbished iPhones. 

Used phones are pre-owned phones that are sold without any sort of fixes. On the other hand, refurbished phones are checked thoroughly first, then fixed. 

Examples include changing the cracked screen and replacing the knobs. These phones are also tested extensively to ensure quality.


Just like brand new smartphones, you get a warranty for refurbished iPhones. This is a way to confirm the quality of the device. Apple not only makes sure of the quality but also gives a commendable amount of time for the warranty of a phone that has been used for a short amount of time before. 

Still, the timeframe is comparatively shorter than the original warranty would be.

Easy to Upgrade

Refurbished phones can be easily upgraded. So, you can stay hand in hand with the latest technology without even having to buy new phones to change to the upgraded version.

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Cons of Refurbished Phones

Everything in this world has an opposite side. So does refurbished iPhones. There are several cons of refurbished iPhones, and those are listed below.

Not the Latest Model

Refurbished phones are a bit backdated as they arrive on the market after a few months or weeks. So, if your demand is the most recent model of mobile phone, then refurbished phones will not be a good option if you are in a hurry. 

The problem with refurbished phones is it lags behind the times, and you might not get some features that the latest models have. 

For example, if you are wanting a refurbished iPhone X, you might only find refurbished iPhone 7 phones on the market that will lack a few features you’re looking for, such as a larger OLED screen. 

You Can’t Get Insurance

In rare cases, you might find some insurers who may cover the refurbished phones, but this does not happen usually. Getting insurance for buying a refurbished iPhone is pretty hard unless there is some agreement or deal. 

For the original iPhones, you will get insurance very easily.

Shorter Warranty

The warranty feature is given for refurbished iPhones to ensure the positive condition of that phone. But the time frame is very short. It goes up to 90 days in general. 

So, there could be a high possibility that you may need the warranty after its expiration. Mostly, the refurbished iPhones work without any issues for an ample amount of time. 

But there is no guarantee that problems will not arise and defects will not start showing up after the expiration of the warranty.

Final Thoughts 

Everything in the world is temporary. Original iPhones and the refurbished ones will face issues one day. 

You might not get the latest model out there while buying a refurbished iPhone, but recent studies show that refurbished iPhones have a longer lifespan than brand new iPhones because they have already been through a checkup, and the issues were fixed before it was sold. 

No matter what the case is, it is best to consider the pros and cons before buying a refurbished iPhone. 

Hopefully, these pros and cons will help you in making your decisions. Now, give it a try for yourself!

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